How to choose your Project Management Application

While looking for good project management applications there are a basic set of features to consider. Basing our choices on these featuress and the depth to which the project management application meets our requirements, would help us in making a smart and sound investment. This is more so if you have a geographically spread team which needs to work together. The basic features to look for are as given below:

1. Collaboration

This is essentially the mode by which the information, tasks, issues are shared between the project team members. Some of the tools used for collaboration are email, web meeting, tale-conferences, video chats etc. Ideally these tools should be easy to use, with good security and accessible through the organization’s network. The application should be flexible and should be capable of working on Smartphones, handheld devices, etc.

2. Resource Management

Managing resources is a crucial operation particularly while working tight budgets and tough schedules. The project management application should be able to service this requirement and help in effective resource management.

3. Project Management

The application should be able to cater to the project management processes, best practices, and specific tasks etc which need to be performed on a continual basis consistently. It should be able to provide interactive project schedules so as to choose the best path for project execution, milestone tracking etc. The application should be able to monitor the tasks, provide real time reports on the diverse parameters etc.

4. Usability

Any project management application should be at the end of the day easy to use, simple to navigate, and should not need any additional support. The product help available should be easy to read with all the instructions available online. The application manufacturer should have a help desk or a toll free number so as to cater to the user queries 24 X 7.

Top 5 Project Management Applications

There are many online project management applications available which meet the above requirements. The top 5 project management applications on the basis of their features, user friendliness, simplicity and support are as follows:

  1. AceProject: It has a reputation for being solid and getting the job done. In terms of value, you are getting a lot of bang for your buck.
  2. AtTask: Good in terms of project management, but when it comes to the rest of the parameters it lags slightly to Planview Clarizen.
  3. Planview Clarizen: Is considered in the project management community as one of the best in terms of all the parameters whether it is collaboration, ease of use, resource management, project management, and support.
  4. Daptiv PPM: Considered to be simple to use and can be used in small team scenarios but the support and help desk can be improved.
  5. Celoxis: Good in terms of resource management and project management but can be improved in the rest of the parameters.


Recommended Project Management Software

If you’re interested in learning more about top rated project management software, the editors at actively recommend the following:

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