How to Choose the Right Project Management Software

Project management software can help make your business process more efficient and effective. However, project management tools are not created equal and some will inevitably stand out. Here’s where your due diligence should come into the picture. Invest time and effort in the selection process.

It is important for you to know as much as possible about the tools before making the final decision. Remember, you’ll have to live with this decision for many years. You certainly don’t want the project management software to do more harm than good to your company.

Determine the business requirements

Before even looking at the project management software available in the market, you should first analyze the requirements in the organization. There are many choices available in the market. So it’s not as simple as deciding that you need a program. It’s also about knowing which kind of solution will fit the organizational requirements. Identify which key problems should be solved and how the project management software can help minimize missteps in the process.

To determine the needs of the company, it is important to get feedback from employees. Make sure to talk to the people who will be required to use the software. You can also ask them to take part in the selection process.

Generate a list of software solutions

While there may be a breadth of tools available in the market, it can essentially be broken down into two types of software. The first is the all-in-one package; it is inflexible and you have to use the software as it is designed. There is little or no room for modifications. Because the package has built-in capabilities that are sophisticated (but which you might not need), these products tend to be expensive.

The second is the module-based tool. This is a flexible solution. In essence, you’ll be given a basic software framework and you can add capabilities from a list of options. At first glance, it may look a lot more affordable. However, you also need to take note of the cost of each feature since you may have to pay for them individually.

Evaluate the tools you’ve shortlisted

Once you have a list of software solutions in your hands, it’s now time to evaluate these options. The most important task is to know what the software is capable of. Can it help facilitate your business goals? Other considerations you need to look into include:

    • Support services from the vendor
    • Ease-of-use
    • Training options
    • Affordability

In addition, you should always ask to see a demonstration of the project management software before committing to anything.

Make your choice

After gathering all the necessary information about individual project management software, it’s now time to make your decision. If you follow the steps outlined above, you’re already halfway towards getting the benefits of the tool. Choose wisely and take advantage of the support offered by the vendor. This will ensure your employees’ smooth transition in using the tool.

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