How to Be Successful in The PM Industry with Quora

Remembquoraer that kid in elementary school who had all the answers? It was pretty annoying when he hogged all the teacher’s attention. But, now you are a PM in-charge of the projects and dreams are yours for the making or breaking. Having half of that kid’s knowledge at your fingertips would be pretty wonderful right? Founded in 2009 by former Facebook employees Charlie Cheever and Adam D’Angelo, Quora is your chance to forgive that kid for all the times you tripped him at recess.

How Quora compares to Wikipedia?

In 2001, Wikipedia introduced the concept of a decentralized encyclopedia. Curated by users, this revolutionized the gathering of information. Quora expands on this idea with a simple question and answer format. Users of the site register using real names. Once registered, you can ask or answer any question. Other users reward the accuracy of information by voting. The know-it-all kid, the wise old mentor and the thoughts of industry leaders in one package.

A Historical Context That Leads to Quora

The principles of project management are transcendent. Accomplishing great things requires a sharp and disciplined mind to organize the tasks, manage the resources and make sure the team meets the goal. Until the WWII, it was easy to handle one-time projects using Henry Gantt’s charts and Frederick Winslow Taylor’s Principles of Scientific Management. Managers juggled projects and operations without much consideration. After WWII, with improvements to technology, projects became complex and massive. These new projects demanded the attention of a full-time professional. The technological advances that continue to march unabated today make PM one of the hottest job titles. PMs are some of the highest salaried professionals, but this comes with a high level of stress. Success and failure are in your hands and it’s important that you continue to keep your skills current and sharp. Let Quora help you with that.

The Right Software for Your Project

toolboxWhen the Project Management Institute (PMI) opened its doors in 1969, the Project Evaluation and Technique and Critical Path Method dominated the industry. Newly minted PMs and pros shared information easily using the PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). But computers added algorithms to the PM’s toolbox and the high-speed internet brought immediate connectivity. Today hosted software solutions offer a platform adapted to every kind of team and every imaginable project. Quora cuts the time searching for the right tool in half. When you search project management software in Quora, you will get the answer to the best way to choose the right project management software. This curated list addresses real life applications across the industry. Quora provides everything you need, not too much or too little, to make an informed decision.

Pitches from The PM Companies

pm_companyQuora is not only for PMs, you will learn about to the best project management software for small creative teams. The founder of Aha! explains his new product and includes screen shots. This is targeted advertising, pitching directly to your audience. With 65000 views, this one thread is more effective than ad banners and less expensive. Another benefit that Quora provides to the PM industry – companies can promote their product – or inform the reader about it.

How to Become a PM Expert

albert_einsteinAn industry is only as good as it’s experts. Beyond centralizing information about project management, the goal of PMI was to professionalize the job. With this in mind, they created the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Today, PMP certification is respected worldwide. If you’ve been leading teams and want to pursue certification Quora has what you need to know about becoming certified. Find out about what the certification means from those who have walked the path. You can also pursue project management from an academic angle, further enhancing your skill with a master’s degree. Quora provides excellent guidance on research topics, thesis topics, and dissertations. Everyone knows the power of guidance from those who’ve walked the walk.

Don’t Become Obsolete

Attaining expertise isn’t a finite exercise. Thanks to computers, PM is a rapidly evolving industry. A PMP and Master’s demonstrate dedication, but it seems as if your knowledge becomes can become dated before the ink dries. Quora keeps your finger on the pulse of the industry. This thread, for IT PMs, is a running commentary on the changes to the industry. Feeling frustrated and burned out? Try this discussion. The debate between “waterfall” planning and Agile shows up in a lot of these threads. Quora covers that too: no need to check out a library worth of books.


Success depends on flexibility and your willingness to learn. Quora is your road map. If you are a PM wanting to make sure your next project is your best performance, consult with Quora. If you are a PM solution designer eager to fill a gap, make your presence known on Quora. Just because it worked yesterday, doesn’t mean it’ll work today.

For a quick tutorial on how to use Quora, we have it for you. Check out this video below.

Recommended Project Management Software

If you’re interested in learning more about top rated project management software, the editors at actively recommend the following:


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2 ClickUp

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ClickUp is one of the highest-rated project management tools today. Use Docs, Reminders, Goals, Calendars, Chat, scheduling, assigned comments, custom views, & more with this all-in-one project management tool.

Used by 800,000+ teams in companies like Airbnb, Google, and Uber, it brings all of your projects into a single app! Built for teams of all sizes and industries, Our fully customizable & proprietary features make it a must-have for anyone wanting to keep project management in one place.

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3 Wrike

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Tackle complex projects with Wrike’s award-winning project management software. Break projects into simple steps, assign tasks to team members, and visualize progress with Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and calendars. Manage resource allocation and forecasting with software that’s easy to launch. Automation and AI features strip away time-consuming admin tasks so you can do the best work of your life. Streamline your practices, align your team, and ensure you hit deadlines and stay on budget.

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