How to avoid common project schedule mistakes

Project Management MistakeProject Planning and scheduling are integral to the success of a project. Even if Gantt charts or Critical Path method is used, these mistakes will kill your project. So it is better to avoid them at every cost.

Mistake 1 : Not defining the purpose of the project

It has been noticed that mostly one of the reasons for a project failure is ineffective communication. Prior to developing a schedule, it is crucial that members should have entrenched the business purpose of the project.It is extremely important to communicate to the team why the project is important and how it will help the company

Mistake 2 : Abstain from initiating

It is crucial to conclude specifications for the planning process. Project managers need a written statement of requisites from the customers.This document is a reference to the requisites of the project. So it is necessary for the project managers do not abstain from specifying the complete details required for the planning process .

Mistake 3 : Baseless estimation

If there is no communication about the ability of the team to meet the deadline and if the project manager is immoderately optimistic with the estimates then it is impossible to meet the deadlines of the project. Be assured that the team comprehends their individual capacity to deliver the project successfully.

Mistake 4 : Set inappropriate expectations due to stakeholder burden

Maintain a balance between setting high expectations and setting unrealistic goals. The goals should be set keeping in mind the expectations of every individual involved in the project .

Mistake 5 : Refraining risk management

Originating and perpetuating a risk management strategy right from the beginning is pivotal for a profitable project .While going through the project schedule, it is important to stay away from the common risks such as improbable schedules, scope changes and gold plating. Calculate the effect of a particular risk and its impact on your project. Then generate contingency plans to neutralize an adverse situation.

Mistake 6 : Remain austere

In the process of creating the project schedule, understand the right project management method to be used by keeping in mind the requisites necessary for the project. Some projects proceed as they have been planned. The project management team should be given the elasticity to prepare for unexpected obstacles.


Project planning is a time consuming process but the endeavor is worth if your intention is to deliver a successful project. If the above listed mistakes are avoided the chances of a project’s success increase to a great extent .

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