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the-cloud-300x213Businesses must remain competitive in this rapidly changing world of technology. There is a constant need to find more efficient ways to keep up with the new trends in industries all over the world. In order to keep their competitive edge it has become increasingly necessary for a business to have access to their informational data beyond the outdated 9 to 5 shifts of previous years.

Those that are still trying to maintain hard data in older systems are finding that they are moving far to slow to keep up with the speed of the constantly evolving world. This is especially true when it comes to fulfilling a business’ project management needs.

According to Don Reisinger of Eweek, “Many companies are investing heavily in cloud project management applications because they realize that employees can be more productive and get more work done when they can access work information wherever they are. ”

There are several ways that cloud based project management software can be utilized depending on the type of software you need for your business.

Cloud Project Management For the Small Business

When cloud based software first got its wings and took to flight it was mainly geared towards large corporations and big businesses that were able to take advantage of it. Today, however, these large conglomerates are no longer the only ones holding the keys to this new tech world. Now there is a wide range of cloud resources and tools that have been specifically geared with the small business enterprise in mind. Not only will they find cloud based project management software that can cover just about everything needed to support a small enterprise, they can be found at a price that is better than affordable: free. The fact is that project management software is now available to everyone, regardless to how small they are.

As Jerod Powell, founder of InfinIT Consulting, explained to American Express,”The biggest benefit to some of the free tools is when you’re just getting started. An entrepreneur can leverage those services to get their company up and running and then migrate off them. ”

Some of these cloud based tools are more than capable of handling the needs of a smaller business’ projects. However, as their business continues to grow, they will always have the option of upgrading their cloud tools to a more productive and functional paid program if needed.

Cloud Based Apps

There are also a number of apps that can help fill a wide number of business needs in the cloud. Regardless of what a project entails, a business owner can choose any app that can fill meet whatever he requires, from an app that can manager and monitor HR records, contacts, or meet specific customer demands a small business manager can be equipped for just about anything and spend far less money than they would normally have by keeping their workload in house.

Other Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit From PM Apps

Cloud based project management software also allows a business to collaborate with their colleagues in distant locations as it saves a business from spending large sums of travel dollars for meetings and conferences. With files stored in a single location where it can be retrieved regardless of where you are a project manager no longer needs to be confined in an office or tied to a phone line. They can easily communicate with everyone involved in their project from almost any type of mobile device. These benefits can be immeasurable for any project manager but they provide the small business with the same freedom of movement that major corporations have always enjoyed.

As one customer commented to PC World,”If you’re the kind of small business that has employees who work from different places ‚Äì or has remote employees, board members, or vendors who need access to your data ‚Äì cloud computing is the only way to go. ”

With all the different opportunities provided in the cloud-based project management a small business owner can literally find that he is running with the big boys and be equally competitive at the same time.

Recommended Project Management Software

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