How a Project Manager can get Better at Public Speaking

better public speakingThe fear for public speaking, also known as glossophobia, happens to be among one of the most common fears among people. This article shows different ways that a project manager can overcome the anxiety or fear to present a speech. It shows how a project manager can calm his or her jitters, enhance their delivery style, engage their listeners, as well as the manner in which to effectively read a speech.

Mindset for Public Speaking

According to Jeff Davenport, a highly acclaimed presentation coach, perspective is very important while giving presentations. He reminds managers that it is their job to convince others. For instance, to complete a sale, the key idea is to not only sell the idea, but get the audience believe it and get into action. Managers should only worry about the listeners and not the presentation slides.

Giving Data-Heavy Presentations

Nowadays, data-driven presentations should be regarded as a part of business life. In fact, data-based conclusions are more convincing. However, managers should be careful not to let numbers take over their presentation. According to Alexandra Samuel, an author and researcher, one should utilize data to tell a convincing story. Managers should also learn to utilize human examples to demonstrate points of significance as an occasional substitute for data presentations.

Reading Your Speech

Most people commonly view paper-reading of a speech to be a cardinal skin. That is not always the case. At time, it is OK to rely upon written notes during a presentation. Andrew Dlugan, an award-winning motivational speaker, describes what a successful speech involves. Mastering pauses in between words as well as between sentences, among other techniques, happen to be quite significant in making a speech successful. According to Dlugan, there are various advantages that come with reading a speech.

Focus on the Audience

Nancy Duarte, a presentation expert, after analyzing some speeches, concluded that perspective is a common mistake while making a speech rather than the technique. She advises managers against creating a speech out of their heroism as it might make listeners tune out. However, audience-centric content encourages them to act, and highlights their struggles. Putting the key idea as a means for the listener to overcome his/her obstacle encourages them to take action, that in-turn makes you more persuasive as a manager.

Conquer your Fear

It doesn’t matter how prepared you are, but worry during public speaking affects everyone. According to Leslie Belknap, re-framing your physical stress that you feel as something positive is a solution for dispelling your stress. Your mind is easily turned to enthusiasm when you say that you feel excitement rather than anxiety. Getting specific about your worries makes them powerless. This way, you can spare energy that can otherwise be spent on brainstorming potential solutions to put into place in case they come to pass. You can have your worries make you stronger rather than fearful and anxious.

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