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hidden strengths book coverHidden Strengths: Unleashing the Crucial Leadership Skills You Already Have presents to readers a resource that when discovered and developed will help people become agile and adaptive, and propel them successfully forward in their career. The book defines strengths, weaknesses and middle skills, which are described as neither strengths nor weaknesses, and their usual ratio and proportions. The authors explain that relying too much on strengths can make people too rigid, while turning weaknesses to strengths will require too much energy without good results. It is in the middle skills the authors illustrate, which turns out to be in greater proportion than strengths and weaknesses combined, and its proper identification, assessment and development that the potential of people to gain new strengths and skills really depend on.

Book Details

This first hardcover edition was recently published on May 18, 2015 by Berret-Koehler Publishers. It has 128 pages and is about 0.5 inch thick. The front shows the title in large dark fonts placed in the middle part of the cover, with the subtitle below it in white fonts on a background of blue. The authors’ names are at the bottom part on a background of orange. ISBN-10: 1626562830; ISBN-13:978-1626562837


$15.06 for the hardcover edition and $11.99 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

Hidden Strengths is for any person who wants to have a better assessment of their strengths, weaknesses and turn their hidden strengths into learned strengths for personal and professional success. Professional coaches will find this guide a great tool in helping others optimize their talents, leadership skills, and performance.

What Customers Say

Erika Borsos described Hidden Strengths as an excellent resource for self improvement and leadership skills development. She further states that it is a fascinating book jam packed full of valuable information to help people know the secret about great leadership.

Richard Blake appreciates the authors’ professionalism, straightforward writing style, and approach to inspire and motivate readers to stretch and grow. He described the step-by-step plan helpful to readers in developing their hidden strengths.

Content, Approach, Style

Hidden Strengths is divided into three parts and a total of six chapters. The first part defines what hidden strengths are in two chapters. The first chapter details its definition and nature, while the second chapter discusses four principles that can be applied to it. The second part deals with uncovering the opportunities that can be taken by people with the right strengths and skills and an assessment report that will provide feedback to the reader. The third part details how the reader can harness their potential by listing a development plan in Chapter 5 and providing guidance in how to sustain and evolve in one’s leadership journey in Chapter 6.

The book is written in clear and straight-to-the point sentences divided in short paragraphs. Topics are well divided with headers, and numbered lists, figures and adequate case study examples provide good learning aids. The book is organized and concise, with assessments, exercises and a list of resources that makes it practical.

Why Buy the Book

The concept of personal strengths and weaknesses has been well-documented and established, but past discussions and debates have been limited to focus on the extremes, or the attempt to become balanced and well-rounded. Hidden Strengths present another angle by focusing on the potential that lies between the extremes and the practical aspects of turning the most promising middle skills into strengths that will help a person grow, become adaptive, be more agile and future-proof.

Books that Complement

Grit in your Craw by Robert Luckadoo introduces the reader to eight strengths and how to harness it to succeed both in business and in life.

Dr. Bookbinder’s Win Friends and Customers tackles emphatic listening and how it can be applied to help foster better personal and professional relationships.


Thuy Sindell is one of the founders and managing partner of Skyline Group, a company that provides leader-centric solutions to help organizations, leaders and employees thrive. The company provides solutions through research, surveys and assessments, organizational effectiveness, executive coaching and leadership solutions, and its integrated coaching and technology solutions (C4X). Thuy is the President of the company’s Coaching Division and is an Executive Coach. She holds a Ph. D in Organizational Psychology from Alliant International University. She has founded two software startups and has authored/co-authored three other books with Milo Sindell.

Milo Sindell is a managing partner at Skyline Group and is the President of the company’s C4X Division. He co-founded software startup Hit The Ground Running with Thuy in 2006, which is an employee performance software company that was acquired by Kenexa/IBM. He also co-authored with Thuy three books and he wrote numerous articles on leadership and employee performance. He has an MS in Organizational Development from Pepperdine University with a dissertation focused on the motivational aspects of professional legacy.

$15.06 for the hardcover edition and $11.99 for the Kindle edition


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