Help Desk Outsourcing – Pros and Cons

It is very common today for companies, whether small or large, to outsource their help desk functions. A business now need not fret about not having enough employees who are technically trained and skilled to carry over complex IT tasks and processes. It would not have to spend money on training its staff to learn and master the use of new software or even hire more professionals to do so.

A company can move its help desk outside for many reasons. Help desk outsourcing can be a strategy in itself. On its own, it can help a business achieve specific and numerous targets or goals. But logically, the practice may also have its own set of setbacks.

The advantages

Help desk outsourcing can bring about better financial leverage. That is because it can lower fixed costs and at the same time bolster return-on-investment.  There is no need to hire more staff or extend the office space. The company may not even have to spend on buying specific software for operations.

It allows businesses to effectively focus on their major or key competencies. It will free the management from not having to fully spend time and capital on specific areas or business aspects where they do best. Smaller companies can focus their IT talent to support key business applications to leave support of office programs, operating systems, and other non-core tasks/functions to a trusted external vendor (help desk outsourcing provider).

Companies can also rest assured that the help desk support personnel are appropriately educated and trained to specialize on what they are doing. The vendors would have to mind how they keep their training effective and current. The company would have more concerns out of its way.

The disadvantages

For the cons, help desk outsourcing can possibly make a company lose its control over training. The management can remain worried that the function may lose some nuances. It would also have to turnover specific parts of its operations to the vendor, which can be an issue in terms of privacy and trading secrets.

Some companies express their worry that help desk outsourcing personnel may possibly lack concern for the consumers/customers. This logically is a serious concern because most clients are sensitive over such matter. If help desk representatives of the outsourcing vendor are not professional and polite enough, it can surely reflect not on the outsourcing firm but on the company that pays for the service.

Lastly, in a help desk outsourcing setup, the company would have to get used to having remote personnel. The vendor can be operating in another country. There can be cultural differences that may show in the service. Businesses that prefer to keep its staff socially and culturally intact will also have inevitable issues along the way.

In many cases, companies are blindsided by the disadvantages, which should not turn businesses against help desk outsourcing. Through recognizing such setbacks, obstacles to effective help desk outsourcing can be properly managed as well as overcome.

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