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Happytodos is an online project management software that utilizes an automated, priority-based task scheduler to estimate delivery dates based on workload across projects and resources. It is a productivity tool for project managers and business executives in charge of overseeing and delivering important projects. Some of the common challenges that project managers and their project team face are coordination, scheduling, accurate costing, focus, and reporting. By using a web-based project management application that takes care of time-consuming tasks related to these five challenges, project teams are happier and are able to execute projects more successfully.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Automated SchedulingHappytodos encourages input from all team members and stakeholders. Based on all the input, it automatically calculates and re-calculates delivery dates. From all these information and other important data, tasks are prioritized so that team members get to work on what is high priority. Since this happens automatically, the project manager does not have to perform this time-consuming task. With better use of his or her time, the project manager is able to plan, monitor, and execute projects more effectively.
  • Easier Coordination and Better Focus – This online project management software is the central place and repository of all pertinent project data. It has information about the status of projects, how work is distributed, and which deliverables are being worked on. There is no need to make multiple calls and emails just to inform or be informed. Aside from providing better focus to the project manager, it also provides the focus for every team member. For the next 12 hours, they only see the priority tasks they need to work on, so they are not overwhelmed.
  • Accurate Costing and Reporting – Since this project management tool is able to track time of resources, the project manager can set the hourly rate of each resource and come up with an accurate project costing. Also, team members do not have to set an extra time to accomplish their time reports. Reporting is built into the workflow, so issues of forgetting to do it or forgetting how much time was spent on a task are all gone. People can say goodbye to the tedious task of manually tracking, verifying, computing and reporting their hours.

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Happytodos offer three plans that can be paid on a monthly or yearly basis. All plans include for unlimited users. The basic plan that includes for up to 10 projects is priced at $19 a month. The next plan at $57 a month includes for up to 40 projects. The top plan at $114 a month includes for unlimited projects. Payment on a yearly basis is given a 20 percent discount.

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Target Market

Happytodos online project management is for small to medium-sized enterprises that work on a few to several simultaneous projects. The value of the software becomes more evident as it is applied across multiple projects and multiple resources.

Supported Languages

The software is in English.

Some of their Clients

Happytodos follows a privacy policy where client information is not shared or sold without their permission except under circumstances where the company needs to comply as required by the law.

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This information is presently not available in their website or related social pages.

Why Happytodos

Happytodos online project management software has all the benefits of web-based PM software. Moreover, all plans include for unlimited users, which makes it easy for companies to scale up or down depending on the number of their projects. Furthermore, it is designed to generally make and keep the project team happy, so that they will keep on using it to be productive, and eventually keep the company profitable.

Company Info

Happytodos is developed by Entagy Internet Solutions Ltd, a company that specializes in providing custom solutions to businesses through web development, user experience design and development of mobile device applications. It was founded in 2009 and is based in Netanya, Israel. Happytodos version 1 was released in 2010, and in December 2013, version 3 has been released. According to CEO Neta Gorelik, version 3 is not just another update but a complete re-imagining of the solution. The online project management software utilizes and takes advantage of computing power to process multiple project and resource data in real-time and present a digestible form of information to help people make good business decisions.

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