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grit-in-your-craw-logoGrit in your Craw introduces the reader to the eight strengths needed to be successful in life and in business ventures, and how to harness those strengths and put them to work the right way. Grit in your Craw tells the reader to have the commitment to achieve the highest goals, and the stories told in this book will tug the heart strings of the reader. The book would inspire a person to focus and decipher their inner strengths and help them to find the real purpose in life.

Book Details

The first edition of this book was published on January 8th 2015 by Robert Luckadoo. The book has 128 pages, and the front cover has a brown and grey theme, with the book title and author’s name imprinted in big serif font. The back cover presents an overview of the book along with some reader reviews. ISBN-10: 0990785602; ISBN-13: 978-0990785606


$11.69 for the Book edition or $4.99 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

Grit in your Craw is meant for every person seeking success in profession and personal life. This book is for those who are are willing to strive and nurture their strengths for achieving their objectives. The best thing about this book is that it is equally valuable to every reader who wants to learn the important lessons of life from true stories as narrated by the author.

What the Customers Say

Dr Joseph S. Maresca described this book as an excellent read for succeeding in the business ventures because it discusses the characteristics that act as a catalyst towards success.

Michael Locke believes that Grit in your Craw is just what he needed. This book helped him rediscover his goals and revealed the real secrets to success, both in personal and professional life.

Lisa Morris felt that Grit in your Craw is an amazing book and it revitalized her to pursue her actual purpose in life. She is now all set to embark on a new journey based on the principals outlined in this book.

Content, Approach, Style

Grit in your Craw has a total of 10 chapters and separate chapters have been defined for every strength. The first chapter personifies the meaning of Grit in your Craw. This chapter discusses the fact that God bestows a person with a lot of opportunities in life, and it is up to the person to use those opportunities to his benefit. The second chapter starts with the author disclosing some important incidents from his life that convey important lessons.

This book has a clear and organized approach. The chapters are laid out in a way that the reader can decipher what the book has to offer to the reader at the first glimpse. This is what makes the book enjoyable and interesting.

Why Buy the Book

Grit in your Craw is an affordable book and offers the real lessons in life. According to the author, Diligence, Tenacity, Optimism, Flexibility, Discipline, Resilience, Confidence and Purpose are the eight strengths that can lead a person to success. These eight strengths can transform a person’s outlook towards life and achieving goals would become much simpler. This book has all the answers why people fail in life and how they can avoid such a situation, so Grit in your Craw is truly an asset.

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Robert Luckadoo has done Masters in Business Administration and is Geophysics major. He started his own geological consulting firm in 1989, and with the passage of time it turned into a multimillion corporation. Robert has also proved his worth in the financial sector and has successfully been multiplying his business.

$11.69 for the Book edition or $4.99 for the Kindle edition


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