Go Through Project Tasks Smoothly With LiquidPlanner’s Checklists

LiquidPlanner, as an online project management software, continues to add features that are making it an even more powerful scheduling, collaboration, and time-tracking system. With the new Checklists feature, team planning and coordination becomes smoother and tighter that will ensure project completion. Of course, this is good news to all stakeholders, not only for the project manager and the team members.

Introducing Checklists

The new Checklists screen can be accessed in the Tasks section. Checklists are details that help breakdown a task into more specific items. These items can then be assigned easily to the rightful team members with just a drag and drop method. By being able to break down further tasks into checklist items and assign them, LiquidPlanner can prevent minute but critical steps from being overlooked and be unaccountable.

User-friendly Features

The LiquidPlanner interface introduces the Checklists screen within an orderly workspace and a priority-centric interface. Changing the order of a checklist item to either move up or down the list can be done with a simple click and drag.

The checklist screen has two utilities that make entering items easier. For entering a long list of items, there is the “Add Multiple ” icon that will allow the project manager to enter several checklist items in succession.

For adding the same checklist items on several different tasks, there is the “Copy Checklist ” icon that will allow the user to select repeating items and paste them on the next task.

All Connected

LiquidPlanner’s strength is the cohesion of its project management features with its collaborative system. If a team member’s help is needed in a checklist item of another, the orange and white star icon will appear in the My Work screen to alert the user of this dependency.

Project Complete? Checked!

The status of a checklist item can be updated by ticking off the checkbox beside that specific item. And as usual, LiquidPlanner takes this in consideration for its schedules, estimation, calculations, and reports. In the end, every task or subtask is identified, itemized, assigned, and carefully placed within the workflow to ensure the successful completion of the project. Thus, precious time is devoted in solving issues and answering questions, rather than continuously revising the project schedule and wondering what is missing.

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