Get Ready to Go EPM Live 4.4

One quality of a great software platform is the ability to improve not only from within, but also to utilize improvements happening from without and offer it all cohesively to the customer. Version 4.4 of EPM Live has been recently released and it appears more comprehensive yet more open than ever. True to its promise, it is a project portfolio management (PPM) platform that can integrate with many existing systems but offer seamless control and monitoring from one work space.

Quick Connect Integration

EPM Live introduces the Quick Connect integration with its latest version. Through this platform, other business systems with their own database can be integrated smoothly. For example, with the Quick Connect for SQL Server, this PPM platform can utilize all existing data, tables, and groupings available in the SQL Server database of another system without the headaches associated with interconnection and data retrieval. By the use of an API, EPM Live gives project managers another view of seeing data and resources, so they can use them more efficiently.

Now with Salesforce App

For its resources, a company or organization running EPM Live will now be able to manage its sales team together with the rest of the teams even if they are using Salesforce for customer relationship management (CRM). With the Salesforce App, every business deal that is closed or customer that has signed on continues to be part of the organization’s entire work process from start to finish. There is no need for duplication of data, because the two systems can share valuable information with each other. The sales team is updated with every milestone or issue on every stage of the project while using Salesforce. Furthermore, resources needed to deliver a customer requirement initiated by the sales team are easily identified and tracked.

Timesheet 2.0

The latest version of EPM Live launches Timesheet 2.0. Based on the feedback of all users including those from within EPM, several enhancements were made. For starters, it now has a better interface that is more customizable to give the user different views to see and display data, as well as allowing multiple lines on a work item, with the feature to write comments on the specific timesheet item. The missing timesheet metadata problem has also been fixed in the latest version.

Link Tasks and Optimize

Another improvement is the ability to link tasks from different schedules. A project schedule can be easily created with EPM Live’s Online Project Planner. From this schedule, a task list can be created, assigned, and shared with the team. For larger organizations, several schedules can exist, and a task in one schedule can create a dependency in another task in another schedule. By linking these tasks, project managers have a better view and control of the project in terms of completion dates, resources, and priority. Another useful app is the Optimizer, so that managers can choose which project to prioritize given all the data they have in terms of costs, resources, and basically what is best for the company.

Project Drill-in Dashboards and Chart Wizard

As organizations get bigger, processes become more complicated and data volume increases. The latest EPM Live provides several analysis tools for project managers, so they can make sense of it all. With Project Drill-in Dashboards, managers can get a real-time status report on every project and item. Thus, they can stay on top of things at any stage of the project. To view data in a more meaningful way, the Chart Wizard can help present data historically or comparatively, but in whatever way they choose, the managers can preview first what the chart is supposed to look like. Sometimes, a chart can display too much information, but EPM Live allows hiding some of it, so the general idea can be seen clearly.

A New Idea

Version 4.4 is not limited to evaluating accumulated information and real-time data. With the Ideation App, new ideas can result from the analysis of what has transpired and what is currently happening in the organization. With the use of its Comments feature, participants can air their views, vote on ideas, and review concepts. From there, a concept can easily be transformed into a new project and then successfully go through the company’s work process using all the apps and tools available in EPM Live.

Be Transformed

The latest version also features a list of fixes ranging from input controls, output display, import and export of data, better performance and security, as well as additional regional settings. EPM Live continues to transform its platform for the better as it strives consistently to transform how organizations can better manage their projects. It has remained to be the leading build-to order platform that can adapt to what an organization needs and not the other way around. With EPM Live as a partner, success has become easier to achieve.

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