Get Organized in 2013 with LiquidPlanner wanted to kick off 2013 with some inspiring quotes on organization. Their team had so much fun doing this; a couple of quotes grew into an entire list.

They take project tracking seriously and they think that being more organized is a key trait found in great team managers.

On a total of 42, see the 10 first:

  • I have a great list of things I want to get done this year, I wonder where it is?
  • If I get something done for every cup of coffee I have, it’s a great day.
  • The more I plan, the less I worry.
  • I’ve always found that a smart “no ” trumps a dumb “yes “.
  • I got something important done yesterday, did you?
  • You don’t have to brag about success if the data does it for you.
  • Duck, Duck, Goose ‚Äì do your status meetings feel like this?
  • How can you tell your team is productive? No backlog of unmade decisions.
  • Mysteries are for novels, not project plans.
  • Here are some free checkboxes [_] [_] [_], add your own tasks.
They are so funny, don’t you think? To see the last 32 ideas, look at their website here:

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