GenieBelt Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

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Overview Presentation

GenieBelt is revolutionary software for the construction industry.  Notoriously antiquated, the construction industry is undergoing massive technology upgrades. This SaaS platform is improving the efficiency of project planning. The platform offers live PM, live project overview, instant reporting, and mobile collaboration.

Features, Benefits, and Strengths

  • Live PM GenieBelt displays projects with an interactive Gantt Chart. Assign and adjust work tasks with the click of a button. MS Project, Asta or Primavera integration allows you to import your projects and run them live.
  • Live Project Overview  This dashboard allows you to visualize your entire project portfolio. You’ll have a comprehensive view of everything. Quickly uncover bottlenecks and adjust resources. Efficiently Invite as many people or teams to your projects. Receive instant status reports from the rest of your team.
  • Collaboration – GenieBelt recognizes the power of smartphones. You’ll find applications for IOS, Android and Windows. The communication tools look like social media updates. It’s easy to learn and that makes it easy to get people using. Subcontractors and contractors communicate immediately. The entire team is immediately notified of changes. Maximize your transparency and effortlessly create an audit trail.



Simplicity of use is step one to gaining traction in the con tech market. The second step is pricing. GenieBelt offers a free now, free always plan with one project per month. This free version also allows you to attach 50 files to your project. The next level is Basic, offering extra projects for $249.  You can add more projects and files for $130 a month or call them to gain unlimited access.


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Target Market

This is the tool for construction project managers and design teams. Scalable for larger organizations, its bread and butter is small projects. Contractors, subcontractors, and tradespeople will benefit immensely from the centralization and collaboration tools.

Supported Languages

GenieBelt supports Danish, German, English, and Spanish interfaces.


There are 80,000 projects in 100 countries with their roots in GenieBelt.  Abbeymill Homes, The Carey Group, and Curtins Construction are industry leaders. They are just a small sample of the companies who rely on this solution.



  • Edmund I. ( writes about the power of sharing project problems from the top of 100-meter crane. Just the touch of button to alert people to problems.
  • Tom R. (RBC Rochdale LTD) expressed excitement about his phone ringing less.  His contractors know exactly what to do and where to go.

Why Geniebelt?

Simple to use, even wearing safety equipment, GenieBelt is perfect for any construction company. The centralized, cloud-based system of sharing is secure. You can’t afford to keep risking important documents to paper and hard drives. Enable authorized users to access information across offices and in the field. Todays Construction PMs spend too much time filtering through emails. This will get you out into the field. Get hands on with your projects.

Company Info

After his success with Just Eat, Klaus Nyengaard founded GenieBelt in 2013. In 2015 Ulrik Banner assumed the CEO role and led the company to a $2.2 Million round of funding. Currently the team numbers twenty-five. They are the only European con tech company with any traction.

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