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Bridge24 LogoBridge24 is an online reporting and exporting tool that works seamlessly with Basecamp. After you have organized your work and your teams in Basecamp, you are probably now tracking your to-dos at regular periods. But sometimes, you need to see a better picture of your projects, which can be easily seen through a report.

Unfortunately, reporting is limited in Basecamp, and you wanted more than what the project management software currently has to offer. If migrating to another PM tool is out of the question, then the next alternative is to use apps that integrate with what you have. Bridge24 is the best solution for generating advanced reports for Basecamp.


Advanced Reports for Basecamp 3

Bridge24 brings enhanced reporting capabilities to Basecamp and a few other online platforms. It is among the few officially recognized reporting, charting, and planning tools that integrate with Basecamp. With a few clicks, you can start generating reports that will show exactly the information you want to see for your projects, teams, and to-dos.

Forget about complicated exporting/importing or other data migration procedures. Bridge24 dynamically connects to Basecamp, so you are working securely on just one and the same set of data. It syncs two-way in real time, so you get the latest updates, and whatever changes you made also updates the data on your primary PM tool. Moreover, you get powerful views and filters to find the right information you can review and analyze to help you make better decisions.

How to generate/configure reports

Bridge24 is easy to use for reporting. It already has predefined reports based on filtered to-dos. You can also configure it quickly to generate your custom reports across projects. Advanced report features allow you to group data in 2 levels, so you can search and filter data twice, one after another. Just select the first level and second level parameters from the dropdown menu. These will be included in the report.

Furthermore, you can specify data to exclude by its status, and also include additional multiple columns. All these selections will give you the most accurate reports to help you, your team, clients, and other stakeholders to get the information and insight to move projects in the best possible way. And all reports are presented in clean, high-quality printable format.


In a click of the ‘Generate’ button, you can quickly see your Basecamp report that can be readily used in meetings, business presentations, shared with others or printed out. You can export these reports in Excel or PDF format. Since you can save the different filters you use to generate different reports, then regularly creating project status reports and other important project documents can be done in less time and with lesser worries.

Export Reports easily

Bridge24 is a comprehensive reporting and exporting solution. Generating reports for Basecamp is now simple and easy, so you can concentrate on getting tasks that matters the most done with all your time and attention. You can export reports in several formats compatible with Excel and other spreadsheets. It can even include information such as comments, attachment information, and URL links in supplemental sheets if needed. Creating interactive charts and exporting it to PDF is also an option.

Bridge24 Custom Solutions

Many Basecamp users chose an online software so they don’t have to maintain their own IT departments. If in case you need additional help for custom reporting and development solutions, Bridge24 also offers custom development services to help you get customized reporting and exporting solutions specific for your business requirements. For more information on the latest Bridge24 release, check also their Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube page. Try Bridge24 for free today!


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