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gary lloydA project is a temporary endeavor in contrast to repetitive, permanent functional activity or operation. Every project is unique in some way, so mastery of successful delivery is difficult. Project management makes successful delivery achievable, and one way of defining its success is by measuring its performance and delivery against the triple constraints of scope, time and cost. Unfortunately, many projects fail to be delivered on time, on budget, and on scope, and the few projects that do, often fall short of stakeholders’ expectations. However, there is a better way to run projects and make them successful, according to Gary Lloyd.

Introducing Gary Lloyd, Principal Consultant

Gary Lloyd is a project and programme management specialist from London. He is the owner and principal consultant of Double Loop Consulting Limited. The firm specializes in lean project management and offers consultancy and assurance that focus on the alternative approach based on the pull of a business value rather than the push of requirements, features and functions. Coaching and mentoring services help professionals gain an effective way of reducing project risk and develop project delivery talent, while training and facilitation services on lean project management, business leadership and presentation skills can be delivered through classroom training, remote training or personal mentoring and coaching.

Gary started his career as a software developer but most of his experience of over 20 years was with the business side as a business leader or C-level executive adviser. He has mentored professionals in setting up a programme office, providing guidance on team building, and restructuring plans, processes and practices.

Book Author

Gary Lloyd wrote Business Leadership for IT Projects published in September 2013 by Gower Publishing Company. The book aims to help business managers, such as a project sponsor, a line manager, a business owner, or any non-IT professional, deliver value from an IT-based project. Business managers understand the challenge of getting value from an IT-based project, but unlike IT professionals, they have not received training that includes technical, project management and interpersonal skills training that can help them deliver successful projects. The book present tools that include a framework that address process and people needs simultaneously.

Lean PM Contributor, Advocate

In his article about Lean Project Management, Gary stated that a mindset shift moving away from optimism bias, from too much focus on the triple constraints, and other false assumptions but rather towards a goal of maximizing the delivery of usable business value and the speed at which it is delivered is what is necessary. Lean Project Management adopts lean production, lean thinking and other lean concepts which focuses on delivering more value with less waste in a series of increments. By thinking first in terms of usable business value rather than a list of features and functions, and going through the rest of the principles of lean thinking, projects will have a higher success rate.

Lean PM Trainer

Gary Lloyd is the instructor of Lean Project Management Training Course available on Udemy. Udemy is an on-demand online course platform where expert practitioners can create and deliver their own courses for other practitioners. This course helps students learn about the five principles of lean thinking through video lectures, slide presentations and practice exercises. And by the end of the course, they will be able to apply the principles through a framework to run their projects successfully.

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Enabling Leaders Deliver Change with Lasting Business Value

To be successful in managing and delivering projects, Gary Lloyd helps business leaders and project managers understand that it is not enough to hit arbitrary cost and time estimates. Real success is focusing on what matters to customers, and that is delivering regular usable business value. The proper way to start and manage a project is not with a long list of requirements and plenty of false assumptions, but with the five principles of lean thinking that starts with identifying customers and understanding how they perceive value. See more videos of Gary Lloyd on his YouTube channel.

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