Gaming as a Key Team Building Factor

Your company is looking for something to do in order to improve the interaction and communication of its members. The one activity you all agree on is to go outdoors and take part in games that require everyone to participate. Games have always been the go-to activity for many corporates when they think of team building and motivating their employees. But why are games so important in building a team that will be effective and efficient? For a game to be successful, there are important factors that need to be followed through. Since most games require that a group comes together in order to gain victory, they are considered great illustrations of how working in unison gets you results. We will look at the fundamentals of all gaming activities that have made them

Fundamentals That Make Gaming a Key Team Building Factor:


When organizations take their staff for a team building activity, the purpose is to teach them to work as a unit and to motivate them. Games make the most of the teamwork. This is because all games are made of teams. From those that have 15 players like the 15 Aside rugby to the one man activities like tennis and chess. The groups comprise of the players, the coach, and in some cases like the Formula 1, the support staff plays a major role in their success. For your team to succeed, its members must have unity of purpose. You must all work towards the same results. The members play different roles but all these roles make the results a lot easier and faster to achieve.

Shared responsibility

Just like in the games, workmates take up different responsibilities that help the organization achieve the end results faster. In a game set up, there are different roles for different team members. The forward, the striker, the goalkeeper, all take up different responsibilities and these responsibilities all go towards making your side stronger and victorious. Games will remind you and your colleagues that all the different responsibilities are taken by the different members of your group all work towards the success of your organization.

Team building activities will not only remind you that all the different responsibilities are important for the end game. During the whole process, you will also interact with your colleagues in a different, more relaxed setting. You will get to learn a lot about the people you work with from these outdoor interactions. You will discover different strengths possessed by the different members of your team. This gives you a whole new appreciation of co-participants.

Time management

Every game has a time within which it has to be completed. All the members of the group need to work fast in order to achieve the end result, within the stipulated time frame. Having to manage the time while you play the games at team building will give the members a new appreciation of time.


Proper communication is key for any organization to succeed. Vertical communication between the leaders and the staff, to lateral communication between colleagues in the same level all, must be done properly and in a timely manner in order to avoid errors and miscommunication which might cost the colleagues business and good working arrangements among the different members of the organization. Games in team building activities are a great reminder of while proper communication will help you win faster and with the good relationships between your colleagues and yourself maintained.

Good leadership

Every team has a captain. Good captains make it a lot easier for the group to win. Bad captains put a strain on the team and the results are a failing. This will remind the leaders of your organization that proper management is important in order to achieve the purpose of the organization. Good leaders will listen and will decide what is best for the company while putting the interests of its members into consideration. When good leadership takes precedence, victory is imminent, both while plaing and in the office.


In this age of technology, innovation is key. Organizations have to come up with creative ways to remain relevant. Employees have to be creative in order to avoid redundancy. Gaming activities require that you are creative in order to win. The more your creativity, the better your chances of success and survival in this extremely competitive society.


Outdoor activities are important for people who have been working in the same environment for a while and are beginning to get demoralized and feeling drained mentally. Games require that you are active, and that you are physically involved, whether it is through your brain power or through the physical activities you take part in. The activities will leave you revitalized and ready to take on responsibilities.

Strategy planning

For a game to be won, a strategy is important. This is the same scenario in a corporate set up.

Organizations are a lot like games. They all work within the same principles. Gaming, therefore, becomes very practical an activity when trying to remind the members of an organization the importance of working together. While it may take a while to achieve results in an organization, the end results of a game are at the stop time which is a quick reminder of the importance of teamwork. Games are also fun which makes them a sure way to let loose and be motivated.

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