Future of Project Management: Conservative or Optimistic?

So you are planning to get bachelors of master degree in project management after completing your college but have you any idea about the future of project management? You must be thinking that if the project management is popular these days then it will definitely be popular in future as well but this does not happens always as exceptions are always there. I do not mean that future of project management will be bad. I am just saying you to be careful before selecting your profession as a thing which is famous or popular today can become outdated tomorrow.

Most of the people ask questions regarding the future of project management so I decided to do some research on it in order to provide you authentic data about this topic. My research brought me to the two main approaches which are used these days regarding the future of project management.

The first approach also called as conservative or pessimistic approach is supported by those individuals who are of the view that the future of project management is not good enough. They also give solid reasons for supporting their views. According to them, the cost of running a business or projects has been increasing with the passage of time due to which it will become difficult for business owners to spend money on project management in the future. As a result, this profession will suffer from a severe downfall after next few years. Their logic is right up to some extent as the operating cost has increased recently which has lead most of the people to wound up their business but before any further comment on this approach, I would like to introduce the second approach with you.

The second approach also called as optimistic approach is supported by the people who believe that future of project management is very bright. They also give solid reasons for explaining their views. According to them, project management itself decreases the cost of business by utilizing limited resources and providing good feedback in minimum time. They say that project management has increased the quality of projects and enabled the companies to earn greater revenues from them so more number of companies will move towards project management in the future which will increase the opportunities for project managers giving a boost to this profession.

To be honest, the second approach is more realistic and practical. Moreover, statistical figures also support this approach. Now days, all big companies including IBM, Microsoft, Siemens, Hewlett-Packard and Deloitte etc are focusing on project management. Do you know that IBM has 20,000 project managers at this time and it is planning to increase their amount in the future? In the same way, Hewlett-Packard (HP) has more than 8000 project managers so without any doubt; I support the optimistic approach just like many other people. The future of project management is very bright but I must tell you one thing here that there will be very tough competition in this profession in the coming years so if you are planning to select this profession or you have already opted it then prepare yourself for the tough competition.

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