Function Point New Release Includes The Editable List View

Function Point all-in-one agency project management software helps keep productivity up for a great number of users. And it makes agency life more manageable especially in times of stiff competition, cost cutting, and near-impossible deadlines. Agencies are juggling more tasks from multiple projects with fewer resources. In order to keep projects on track and the rest of the team on the same page, the status of each task must be updated. These can be a painful and time-consuming but necessary activity. However, it has also just become more convenient to accomplish this with the new Editable List View.

Introducing the Editable List View

The Editable List View is a new feature in the latest release. It provides users a quick and easy way to update the Tasks/ To Dos page. Updating tasks is an important activity to keep projects organized and team members in the loop. Working with outdated information results in confusion and wasted efforts. But updating numerous tasks across multiple projects usually requires spending valuable time. Until now, that is, with the Editable List View.

Now, even during a busy week, users can edit multiple tasks at the same time. On the Tasks/ To Dos page, they can filter the tasks they want to see first. As the filtered list appears, they can directly update information such as status or description. They can also assign tasks to other members.

Update Project Status Easily

The latest Function Point release featuring the Editable List View allows its users to update the status of its projects, too. Aside from tasks, they can also make changes to project details or add notes as well. And its of great relief and comfort for them to do this crucial activity at one time. They can even do this in the middle of a busy week and still keep status meetings very short. From the Editable List View, teams can view current jobs, change their status, adjust their delivery dates, or add important notes.

To do this, users first have to go to the Job List page, then switch from ‚ÄòDefault View’ to ‚ÄòEditable List View.’ The next step is to choose the jobs that need updating, and click into Status, Delivery Date, or Date Description fields. From there, they can update the contents of the fields, and the changes will be saved as they navigate away from or click outside the field.

Using the Editable List View

The Tasks/ To Dos screen is an important view for managing projects in Function Point. Here, users are able to see, filter, and manage tasks in context. From the ‚ÄòDefault View,’ they can use filter, search and sort buttons, and update Status and Pct Complete. By selecting or switching to Editable List View, they are able to make additional fields directly editable on the screen. These additional fields include:

  • Task Title
  • Task Description
  • Estimated Hours
  • Tasks Assigned To
  • Tasks Assigned By
  • Start Date
  • Start Time
  • Due Date
  • Due Time
  • Milestone

To save changes, users only need to hit Enter or click outside of the row. For the Description field, only clicking outside the row will save changes.

Hassle-Free Tasks and Projects Status Updating

Function Point continues to adapt changes that will help users be more efficient with their time. Now, they can make most out of their status meetings, and be positively productive as they spend more time on what matters most. To learn more about the latest features in new releases and other product announcements, visit them also on Instagram or Facebook.

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