Function Point Announces New iOS Time-Tracking App

function point logoGoing into business and finding clients are usually easier for companies with great products or services. Staying profitable, however, is much more challenging. For creative agencies, it may mean more than just being able to bill the client, but to bill them accurately, on time, and to provide correct estimates for new projects every time. To accomplish this, it is important to track time, especially for dollar-per-hour agencies. But tracking time should be easy for the team, or else they will forget to do it or do it only as an after-thought. Function Point solves this with its new time tracking app.

New FP Time Tracking Application

Function Point is an integrated cloud-based project management and productivity software especially for advertising and creative agencies. It has a set of features that include CRM, project management, estimates, invoicing, collaboration and time-tracking, among others. Its new time-tracking app enables users to track that very important client time engagement at the service level, even when outside the office, with the client, or somewhere in between. It is convenient and easy to use such that submitting timesheets will not be a problem or hassle to anyone anymore. With all the time information in the system, project estimates can be easily compared with real-time data to help the agency deliver on time and stay profitable.

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Track Time Anywhere, Anytime

The new time-tracking application was designed and built in partnership with Conquer Mobile, a Vancouver, Canada-based company that develops custom mobile apps. The app is fully integrated with the Function Point project management and productivity software. Users can keep track of time on their mobile devices and provide accurate, up-to-the-minute data that provides project managers and business owners visibility on the real status of the project as well as the whole agency. When users save their timesheet, it will be submitted within 5 minutes to the system automatically, thus, simplifying an essential business process.

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iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch-compatible

Function Point‘s new Time-Tracking App is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch. Jobs that have been added using the full application will now appear in the My Jobs list of the mobile app. From there, users can add a Favorite from any jobs listed in the My Jobs list. When Favorites are added, users can even use the Apple Watch to track time on their Favorites and save their time. Without a Favorite added, the watch will not provide an option to add a timesheet.

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Track Time On-the-Go

The new Time-Tracking App from Function Point is free to download. It has a timer which draws from the time of the day. It can be started and stopped at any time, and can still be used even when offline. Users who are on the subway or aboard a plane may be offline, but they can continue to create their timesheet. As soon as they become connected to the Internet, the application will automatically sync and submit the timesheet. Furthermore, users who are unable to type can use the microphone icon on the their iPhone or Watch and dictate the timesheet description. Visit their LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook page for the latest news and announcements.

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