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from-projects-to-programs-logoFrom Projects to Programs: A Project Manager’s Journey is an amazing program management story that is easy to understand. It clearly lays down project management concepts and ideas by offering an in-depth view of workability of program management, program organization, how to deal with team dynamics and the prerequisite skills for managing various programs. The book inspires through the story of an upcoming project manager, Susan Codwell of FitAtWork Inc. as she struggles until finally breaking through in her role as a Program Manager. This is a story for every project manager whether an aspiring program manager, a successful project manager or a member of a project management team. It offers insight of successful program management in conducting modern business.

Book Details

This book was published by Auerbach Publications in 9th September 2013 under the Best Practices and Advances in Program Management Series (Book 8). It comes in paperback of 157 fascinating pages which are well written in simple understandable English. The front cover of the book welcomes you with an amazing theme indicating a picture of a successful project manager on a ladder overlooking the skies above the skyscrapers. The contents of the book are then discussed in the back pages. ISBN-10: 1466591811; ISBN-13: 978-1466591813


$49.95 for the book version or $38.88 for the Kindle version


Target Audience

The Project Managers Journey is a book for every project manager whether a successful one or one who needs to climb the project management ladder in the most effective manner possible. It also considers the team members in project management and any other stakeholder in the project management field. This is a must have book for every single person who is interested or has invested in project management as it clearly evaluates the success story of a successful project manager giving you the opportunity to better your limits.

What Customers Say

Henk-Jan der Klis found this book very helpful and he describes it as an easy to understand, readable story that he easily relates to. He also talks about the short chapters in the book that includes questions to reflect upon.

As for Ulka he is impressed of the book and comments that the book is very engaging. The story narrative is impressive and it gives him understanding of processes and management strategies that need to change during transition from projects to programs.

Prasad Kamath states that the book is very engaging throughout the chapters and that it is uniquely different from what other authors in project management have attempted.

Content, Approach, Style

From Projects to Programs has been well structured in a manner that keeps the reader well informed of the very touching project management story that is arranged into captivating chapters. Each chapter also includes reflection questions that help the reader analyze and internalize what has been read before proceeding to the next one.

The book is essential in practically applying project management concepts as it gives readers the ability to understand the concepts discussed and how to apply them in real situations. Terms, images, icons and short summaries are used in this book to ensure readers grasp the concepts in the most effective manner possible.

Why Buy the Book

The book gives absolutely maximum value to the reader given its affordability. Besides its fair pricing it offers the reader maximum knowledge on project management by presenting new ideas on program organization and reporting, identifying the critical skills required by project managers and supplying important tips for managing project managers.

Books that Complement

The Rules of Project Risk Management by Robert James Chapman is a great complementary book. It epitomizes the need to manage the risk factor for your benefit.

A Guide to PMBOK is one of the books with similar concepts as the book From Projects to Programs. It is a comprehensive book with detailed knowledge about the processes and practices of Project Management.


The author of From Projects to Programs is Samir Penkar who currently leads the marketing function at Trissential –a management consulting firm focused on business improvement. The author has been featured on The Wall Street Journal, Fox9 News and PMI publications and he is a proud winner of the 2014 Minnesota St. Paul Business Journal Diversity Award. Samir is a blogger, motivational speaker and also a writer who continually inspires many.

$49.95 for the book version or $38.88 for the Kindle version


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