Freshdesk News: May 2014 Update

freshdesk logoFreshdesk online customer support started basically to give people an option. Almost three years since the launch in June 2011, its customers are thankful for giving them that option either to stay unhappy with their old and expensive helpdesk solution or try something fresh and affordable. Today, Freshdesk continues to give more options to its more than a million customers in countries all over the world. Whether their customers are on their desk or on the move, they are able to respond to tickets and check the statuses.

Freshdesk App for iOS

Freshdesk has a mobile app built on HTML5 that allows any portable computer and mobile device to access its web portal with the use of a browser. Two months ago, it gave Android users the option to avail of a native app to access their favorite online customer support software. Not to play any favorites, it has announced recently that an iOS app is available as well. This means that iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users running on iOS7 or higher can now visit the Apple App Store and download Freshdesk version 1.0.2.

freshdesk for iOS

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This helpdesk solution has several benefits for users with iOS devices. Customer support is a responsibility that is crucial to the time and convenience of the customer, not of the support personnel. It can happen that the customer asks for help when the support personnel is somewhere out of the office. With the Freshdesk App for iOS, the support personnel can use his or her iPhone to engage in conversation, filter through tickets and provide the needed notes with the ease of swiping and tapping with the fingers. The App has been designed so that it can be used in a smaller device with fewer clicks. It also tracks time and supports single sign on. With enhancements under the hood, it also gives faster searches and cleaner results.

freshdesk for iOS 2

Support for Multi-currency Payments

Freshdesk online customer support software is an affordable alternative to startups and SMBs while scalable enough for growth. For instance, it has a free Sprout plan for up to three customer support agents and a monthly cost of $15 per agent per month should a fourth, fifth, or sixth agent becomes necessary. The premium Blossom, Garden and Estate plans include additional features on top of previous plans, giving real value for the money. In the past, these plans are all priced and paid in US dollars.

freshdesk pricing

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Very recently, Freshdesk announced that it is now accepting payments in other currencies. This provides options to its many international customers who can find more convenience and less cost in paying their monthly subscription fees with their preferred currency. In case the customer’s credit card charges in euro, in Brazilian real, in South African rand, or in Indian rupee, there would no longer need for currency-to-US dollar conversion fees that add to costs. This also applies to Freshfone credits, which are the credits used in Freshdesk’s integrated phone support. For example, paying for 40 euros will give the support personnel the equivalent $50-credit for Freshfone.

freshdesk multicurrency plan

A Spoonful of Freshness

Freshdesk continues to grow because customers are loving their product and service. As a result, it attracts investors that help the company to have the resources it needs to build a better software and motivate its people to provide better service. All these goodness and freshness translate to better options for its customers. Happy customers, that is. Learn more about the latest updates through their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page.

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