Freshdesk News: Improved Integrations and a New Mobihelp

freshdesk logoFreshdesk online customer support software and helpdesk solution is helping tens of thousands of businesses and organizations around the world provide great customer service. Their mission is to make it simple for brands to reach out to their customers and also for users to easily get in touch with businesses. In three years, they have introduced and released enhancements one after another to achieve this, and in this last months of 2014, they have included improved Twitter and Drive integrations along with a redesigned Mobihelp for iOS.

Improved Twitter Integration

Freshdesk recognizes the power of tweets to affect brands and businesses positively or negatively. In fact, many companies are trying to understand and take advantage of how Twitter can help build and expand their businesses. New positions, processes, and strategies have been created for this. In the same way, Freshdesk has researched the best way to make use of customer and consumer tweets, and then upgraded its capabilities for an improved Twitter integration.

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In using Freshdesk for social support, it is recommended in creating ticket rules to convert only support queries to tickets. Having multiple Twitter accounts to the Freshdesk account and carefully choosing which @mentions should be converted will help reduce the clutter. It is very important to know as much information about the customer, such as recent tickets, specific tweets and even their Klout score. Agents can now search Twitter for keywords, hashtags and handles right from Freshdesk with its new search capabilities. The customer support software also shows which tweets have already been responded. Users now have the capability to create custom ticket streams, so they can view keyword-specific, business-related tweets in Freshdesk in real time.

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New Mobihelp for iOS

The new Freshdesk Mobihelp for iOS was developed to make it easy for mobile users to raise a support ticket when they need help or when they encounter a bug without the need of finding a desktop first. A completely revamped version has been launched completely compatible with iOS 7 and 8. It has taken into consideration every feedback that the team has received since the original was built two years ago. The new Mobihelp is easy to integrate and would take only three steps to set it up. Knowledge base articles and updates synchronize to the support portal. It is easier to launch beta testing because it automatically includes and attaches essential data such as debug logs, version information and others to the ticket. Last but not the least, it is totally free.

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Unlimited file size Google Drive Integration

Freshdesk provides customer support agents the needed features to ensure customer happiness. However, limits such as the size of the attachment can hinder and hamper the quality and efficiency of the support. Before, attaching a file 15 MB or bigger slows down the application and may require the use of another software. Luckily, this situation has now changed with the improved Google Drive integration. Now, agents and customers alike can attach files from Drive to their tickets. This is an advantage for existing Google Apps users. Drive allows up to 5 TB file uploads. The only requirement is that both agent and customer should have a Gmail or Google Apps account.

freshdesk google drive integration

Making it easy to provide great customer service

Freshdesk online customer support software and helpdesk solution is committed to enabling companies provide excellent customer service. For every added feature and update, they make it easy for businesses and organizations offer a better, personal support for their customers. Know more about the latest through their social media pages: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube pages.

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