Freshdesk Introduces Interface and Security Upgrades

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freshdesk-logoFreshdesk team has been working tirelessly to enhance user experience. A little shy of a month, the knowledge base was redesigned, and several new integrations were launched in order to simplify your life and ease the assistance procedure. Their phone communication channels have been upgraded, progressively adding extra interfaces to redefine the client assistance experience to provide optimal usability. They have introduced some exciting updates in the recent version, most of which have been continuously demanded by their customers.

Outgoing Emails for Agents

Freshdesk now allows your representatives to interact with your clients via outgoing emails. Simply go to “New” then “Email (located on the search toolbar on the navigation system). It’s available on all five Freshdesk pricing tiers. Now the agents will be able to engage with the clients directly on Freshdesk without resorting to emailing. Here’s the cream of the crop; the outgoing emails also spontaneously become tickets in a bid to conjoin both the incoming and outgoing correspondence, thereby giving the agents simpler work.


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Advanced Account Security

The information of the clients, especially if sensitive, requires you to enact appropriate protective measures to ascertain crucial particulars are protected. This partly involves, one, having customized email providers to ascertain unwanted parties do not have access to the clients’ information and, two, spam filters to allow just the authorized. The latest password procedure interface enhances your customer support service, thereby providing your representatives and clients with strict password rules. Thus, the threat of cyber crime will be out of your mind and easy to guess passwords will not be used. To access this feature, go to “Admin”, then to “Security”, and then “Password Policy”.


Efficient Problem Solving with Dynamic Forms

Freshdesk have introduced dynamic forms to solve a particular problem. Clumps of information often require quick response. The capability of the representative to tackle a particular ticket is incredibly important, that include various variables such as the complication of the situation presented and the sufficiency of information. On the flip side, some clients will be vague and it is crucial to tackle the situation on the go. In this context, the ever-changing platform comes in handy, as the customer can now create dynamic forms that change depending on the input from the user. Simply access it by going to “Admin” then “Ticket fields”.


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Combining Contact Streams

In a bid to seek your interest, a user might resort to more than one means of communication. This may include their private and workplace email, or in some cases social media platforms. The upshot is that the client support service is made difficult because these means of communication make a new contact in your helpdesk on each instance. A way to solve this and make it effective is by combining these different communication channels and categorize them under a single contact. It is accessible by going to “Customers” then “Contacts”. This makes it easier for the representatives to get collective data such as the latest tickets and corporate data while at the same time permitting the clients to use a smooth one communication channel.


Automated Ticket Archiving

So as to boost the client support service and ascertain that it is quick and efficient to its maximum, Freshdesk has started an automated archiving of the solved and inactive tickets. As such, each time that a customer support professionals tries to access collective ticket properties or ticket count, the archived tickets will not be taken into account.


Automated Ticket Refresh

Freshdek support reps often have a lot of tickets opened in separate tabs of their browser window, allowing them to switch easily between them. The flip side is that the tickets are not always on their current version. Also, users might have replied without their knowledge or, in some cases, the tab properties may be been modified. However, the auto-refresh add-on from Freshdesk ensures that the customer support professionals always have their tickets in their most recent form.


Additional Updates

Freshdesk also introduced some minor updates. Agents can now add a date field in the forms to collect important dates from the user. Admins can reset the Arcade points which the agents have earned. In addition, agents can reset the password of users, allowing them to login without activation. Agents can also execute an action on multiple tickets at once from the ticket list page. Finally, the upgraded ticket page is more organized and appealing to the eye. For more information on the latest news and updates, visit their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube or LinkedIn.

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