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freelancer logoThere are many ways of selling one’s skills in today’s world. The online community in particular has been on an upward trajectory when it comes to enhancing opportunities for professionals of various fields. It has grown over time into a vibrant market connecting clients and professionals seeking to do business. The 21st century has been an era of massive growth in online trading specially in areas of information sharing and research work. In a world where computers and digital information are at the core of day to day operations, it is crucial that professionals seeking to enhance their clientele consider marketing and selling their skills online. Whether for part-time or full-time basis, the online marketplace is indeed a healthy option. is a website which does this job of connecting clients and professionals in a common platform.

Introducing Freelancer

Freelancer is a website that has been in existence for over a decade having started in 2004. It is indeed an established organisation having been in operation for many years. Freelancer Limited is publicly traded at the Australian Securities Exchange, and is a self-proclaimed world’s largest outsourcing and crowd-sourcing marketplace. Having grown to over 247 countries and territories globally thus connecting millions of client and freelancers, it’s not hard to accept that it has cut out a niche of itself in the world of freelancing.

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How it Works

Freelancers can register and create their profiles at the site in a relatively short time. The process requires one to highlight their areas of expertise as well as have a good selling pitch to attract clients. Usually there are several projects listed and all one needs to do is place a bid for the project, and if the client approves it then you can begin working on it. Constant communication between clients and freelancers is also enabled through chats and the progress of a project can be monitored by a downloadable software on the website. The software also provides a status of the projects in a time schedule form. Once a project is approved, the client pays the freelancer in the agreed price. Both the freelancer and the client are protected from being defrauded through several means such as feedback history, milestones, and hourly payments. The freelancer is also able to choose appropriate means of receiving the payments.


Work and Clients

Freelancer never has a scarcity of projects for you to bid on, however the bidding process can become challenging when projects are competitive and one is forced to bid lower. As concerning the type of work available, people with skills ranging from web development, software development, transcription, statistical analysis, design and so on. Beginners on the site may need to have some patience before they can start getting a lot of projects because clients seem to favor experienced freelancers with a good rating and feedback. The membership type also determines the fee the website charges per project with standard and premium membership (which a freelancer has to pay for) getting lower fees per project. All is not lost however, anybody can start building their presence by doing smaller and simpler projects, and thus establish trust with the clients.

Issues and Reviews

Being a free market without much regulations, the online platform is bound to have a few clients whose concern may not be doing honest business, and thus professionals in this site could sometimes fall into the hands of such clients with ulterior motives. The site however has an efficient means of communication, and contacting the administrators to report any such cases of malpractices may come in handy. The cost of converting different currencies also becomes an issue especially if it significantly affects the agreed price. Despite the obvious challenges though, it is always an open option for professionals seeking to increase their income to look into platforms like to create good professional networks and link up with employers that could be ultimately beneficial. Learn more about Freelancer through their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page.

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