Flow Introduces New Kanban Boards View

Flow Flow online task management helps keep teams all over the world share tasks and keep track of what needs to get done. It does this by providing users a way to prioritize their task lists, collaborate with the whole team, delegate tasks easily, and show each team member what they need to do. They can view their daily tasks either in a flat list or a calendar view. But sometimes, a wider bird’s eye view is needed to see the bigger picture. In late February 2015, Flow introduced Kanban Boards as a new way to see the whole project workflow.

Kanban Boards Overview

Kanban Boards take advantage of the brain’s affinity for visual data. It is said that the brain processes images much, much faster than text. Used as a lean workflow management system, Flow Kanban Boards organize a project into sections that represent major stages of the project. Under each section are movable cards that represent relevant tasks. As the number of tasks increase, the team lead or project manager can easily see what is going on in the whole project and make informed decisions.

Flow has Kanban Boards

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Getting Started

Even before, users have been switching views from sorted lists to calendar views and vice versa. Switching to Kanban view is simple and starts with adding sections that best describe the different stages in a project workflow, such as Planning, Ready to Begin, In Progress, or In Review. Users can easily add more sections at any time. They can also rename or reorder sections as project requirements change. A section can appear as a column in Kanban Boards view or as a header in a list view.

Flow Kaban Boards

Drag and Drop Tasks

Under each section, tasks can be added as movable cards. Each card holds all task details and they can be easily reordered in each section or moved across the board to a different section as it progresses into the different stages of the project. Also, a new Flow task (card) can be automatically added to a Kanban section by filling up the project field in the Task form. A particular section can also be made the default start so new tasks are added automatically there.

Drag and Drop Tasks on Flow

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Sliding Sidebar

Flow online task management added a way to hide the sidebar so the user can see only the Kanban boards and be able to focus on the whole project. A minimize tab is placed on the edge of the sidebar at the left of the screen. When clicked, it will hide the sidebar. With only the Kanban Boards on screen, users can easily see who is doing what and when. It is also easy to spot potential problems that will create bottlenecks and affect deadlines. A clear Kanban Boards view also helps new team members see their place and work in relation to a greater whole. To display the sidebar, one needs only to drag the cursor near the left edge of the window. From there, they can choose to switch to another view. After, the sidebar will slide out and hide again.

Sliding Sidebar on Flow

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