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five-phase project management book coverFive-phase Project Management: A Practical Planning and Implementation Guide is a practical step-by-step book that aims to walk through project managers in the five phases of a project, namely, the definition, planning, implementation, management and maintenance phases. It is a classic PM book with simple, easy-to-use format and has been a favorite starting point by teachers and trainers for their university students and training participants. It is the aim of the authors to equip project managers with an understanding of basic techniques that will help them get work completed on time, within budget and according to specifications.

Book Details

The paperback edition was published in 1992 by Basic Books Publishing. It has 144 pages and is about half an inch thick. It has a dark blue background cover with the title in large fonts at the upper part, the subtitle at the middle, and the authors’ names below it, in lighter colored fonts. ISBN-10: 0201563169; ISBN-13: 978-0201563160


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Target Audience

Five-phase Project Management is for PM students, beginners and experienced practitioners. It is a ready reference for those who are to begin working in a simple project or for those who want to solve problems and have more control in an ongoing complex project.

What Customers Say

An Amazon customer described the book as extremely helpful in providing a framework for projects. A 50-percent increase in efficiency and productivity resulted after implementing the suggested methods.

Tanya Owens stated that the PM model presented by the book was easy to apply. Using it in instructional design, the model provided a framework that identifies what deliverables or outcomes will result after each phase.

Tigran Haas highly recommends the book. As someone teaching project management for nine years, he personally described it as the best written on the subject by far.

Content, Approach, Style

Five-phase Project Management is divided in three parts: Planning the project, Implementing the project, and Project Management for the 21st Century. It contains a total of 10 chapters discussing in sequence the five phases of definition, planning, implementation, management and maintenance. A sequence of 25 easy-to-follow steps introduces a method with a phased approach that is understandable and easy to grasp. For example, the first part contains five chapters that discuss an introduction, defining the project, specifying the project, sequencing the project activities, and writing the project proposal.

The topics are written in sequence according to the phases of a project. The language is easy to understand, and definitions for PM terminology are provided. The texts are written in short paragraphs with appropriate subheadings. Lists are presented in bulleted form or numbered lists. Figures are clear, especially Figure 1-1 which shows the 5 phases containing the 25 action steps.

Why Buy the Book

Five-phase Project Management is a handy reference that can be used by people in any industry or profession. It provides a practical, systematic method, checklists and user-friendly techniques that is applicable for most kinds of projects. The lessons are also flexible enough to allow readers to revise documentation, add checklists, and use tools such as software for particular situations.

Books that Complement

Greg Horine’s Project Management Absolute Beginner’s Guide is another good book for the new professional that needs a comprehensive understanding of the whole PM cycle with focus on planning, control and execution.

Project Management: A System’s Approach by Harold Kerzner is also another popular textbook for PM students and professionals preparing for certification.


Joseph W. Weiss, Ph.D., is a faculty member of Bentley University. As a Professor of Management, Dr. Weiss specializes in the areas of leadership, business ethics, spirituality and management, organization behavior and change, and career development. As an author and consultant with over 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 firms, government agencies and startups, he has made research in management and technology, applied business ethics and social responsibility, change management, and project management. He has received various awards and honors from the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society, Bentley College and was a recipient of the highly competitive Fulbright Program twice.

Robert K. Wysocki, Ph.D., is the founder and president of Enterprise Information Insights, Inc. (EII), a consulting firm that offers services and assessment tools to improve project management performance. Dr. Wysocki has over 40 years experience as a PM consultant, trainer, information systems manager, author and editor. He has been practicing PM even before there was a PMI. Some of the books he has written are Effective Project Management, The Business Analyst/Project Manager and A Practical Enterprise-level Project Management Model, which is his 22nd book. All his teachings were derived from his personal experience but coincide with current PM standards and best practices.

Starts from $28.59 for the book edition


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