Feng Office 3.0 Now Available

feng office logoFeng Office 3.0 team collaboration and project management software is ready for a sneak peak. It is bringing excitement to its thousands of users with its new looks and improved user experience. The team responsible for this re-design has worked tirelessly for over a year, and they are equally excited to showcase all their hard work. Some of the immediately noticeable improvements are a new interface, widgets, task and time management, and simpler administration tasks.

New User Interface and Overview Widgets

Feng Office 3.0 is sporting a new graphic user interface. Compared to the previous version 2.7, a remarkable change can be noticed. With an emphasis on finding data faster in order to save time, the new user interface has cleaner and clearer design. For example, the new task list view has less non-essential data that can distract users, especially new ones. Instead, first time users will have a faster learning curve and be able to use the system in less time.

feng office user interface

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The new graphic user interface also has improved overview widgets that provide status very quickly. Looking better and easier to manage, it will display information such as tasks, events, activities, and more whenever the user wants to.

feng office widgets2

New Getting Started Wizard, Simpler User Creation and Management

Based on feedback, new Feng Office users, particularly first-time Administrators, are overwhelmed in knowing what the system can do, where to find things, and what to do first. With the latest version of the collaborative project management system, a new Getting Started wizard has been created to help answer specifically those questions at the very start. As a result, the initial encounter becomes less intimidating and more intuitive.

feng office getting started

Also, improvements have been made for user creation and management. The Administrator can complete the task in two simple ways. First, he or she can get it done by adding only the most basic information of the user, which are the name and the email address. The second way is to fill in as well the user’s contact details and permissions in the system with a few extra steps.

feng office user management

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New and Improved Task Management and Time Management

Feng Office 3.0 collaborative project management system incorporates an improved Task Management interface and feature that aims to provide greater control and effective team management. In the new task list, for instance, the addition of a profile picture provides a visual information that easily identifies the resource assigned to the task, and know immediately whether that resource needs help or is given too much to do.

feng office task list

Another enhancement in this team collaboration software is in time management. All tools should be in support of the business, and a tool that can provide accurate information regarding time, and eventually expense, is an essential one. To have accurate time tracking, users should be able to readily enter their time without much difficulty or complexity. This is now possible from the task list view, where users can add their hours worked through a pop-up window, and without having to go into the particular task details.

feng office time management

Other enhancements, Future Improvements

Other improvements in the new Feng Office 3.0 is an improved search engine and under-the-hood enhancements that results in an efficient way to search for all data objects, including documents, emails, and notes, to name a few. With this strategy, time spent looking for information has been cut down 10 percent further so that a savings in time and money is accomplished with a better user experience for all knowledge workers. Future improvements include improving the API and plugin marketplace; cross-referencing reports for all clients, projects and workspaces; cleaner input forms for contacts, users, and tasks, and other performance improvements for a simply powerful collaborative project management experience. To know more about the latest, visit their Facebook or Twitter page.

feng office dashboard

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