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With the rising complexity of business as influenced by a competitive global marketplace, modern technology, and shrinking budgets, it is inefficient to rely just on email and spreadsheets for project management. Today, powerful project management software is available to all, many of them accessible online, and some of them even for free within limits. The challenge, in fact, is not anymore a question of how to avail of one, but which one will fit a particular business or organizational requirement.

Online Project Management

Online project management software clearly has benefits over other packages. Users can range from an individual consultant to a large global firm with distributed continental offices in different time zones. Just as well, applications can range from a simple collaborative task list to a full-blown enterprise PM system complete with bells and whistles, and then some. Thus, comparisons abound on the Internet, pitting one application against the other, in the hopes that the best suited application will be applied to where it is needed.

Two of the more popular online project management software are Wrike and Mavenlink. There are noticeable similarities and differences. They both have respectable core project management functions and they both leverage the importance of collaboration through shared documents and real-time communications. There are differences as well, which is good for the people, as it highlights the stronger features or focus or particular way of providing a solution or business principle of one software over the other. In this way, potential customers can recognize a good fit if the focus or direction coincides with that of their organization’s or enterprise’s.

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Feature Highlights

Below is an infographic made by GetApp.com, for the two online project management software and their respective popular features. It is not a feature-by-feature comparison, but the highlighting of particular features that have made an impression with the reviewer.

getapp infographic wrike and mavenlink


In every evaluation and comparison, there will always be the factor of personal user experience, expectations, and perceived requirements that the software should be able to manage and fulfill. The infographic presentation of the best features of the two online project management software made me understand each one better.

Wrike has a more personal approach, as if gently guiding first-time users how to transition from their old ways to the modern online way. This is evident from its welcome webinars, the use of email integrations, a spreadsheet view and workload management. On the other hand, Mavenlink has a more business-like approach, as if convincing business people to go beyond the current PM tool that they already have. This is evident from its tutorials about advanced tips and techniques, Google Apps integration, project templates and financial management. In the end, it really depends on who is going to use it and for what objectives. So, what did the infographic showed you?


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