Facilitate Success with Employee Assessment Methods

assessment-methodsAs an HR manager, you dream of getting employees to work to the best of their potential towards meeting organizational goals. By getting the right talent for your organization, you reap the advantages of better sales, improved customer service, higher employee retention and engagement, and the best of teamwork. This process will largely depend on how you identify the right personnel and have them well integrated into your company.

Gauging the Right Personality

A personality type test is a great way of managing potential recruits and understanding the personality dynamics of the ones already on board. These tests work on assessing a range of traits that are ideal in a work set up. The parameters are broad and will vary for every organization, sometimes even on a department level, depending on the kind of people needed.

Here are some of the ways personality tests help:

  • Placement in an organization: Every job will have its own set of requirements in terms of qualification, experience and temperament. These tests will help with ascertaining these and also how much a prospective employee is willing to learn.
  • Facilitating group interaction: Knowing the personalities of each member in a group will help smoothen the process of interaction and assess how comfortable the team will be with one another.
  • Encouraging self-awareness: Especially with jobs that require constant interaction, such tests will help understand loopholes in a personality and then how to deal with them.

With the right kind of personality, you boost team spirit and achieve organizational objectives in a positive work environment.

Why Employee Assessment?

Current-day employee assessment measures are both quantitative and qualitative in nature and aimed at identifying potential work styles and behavioural tendencies of possible employees. They are broadly classified as dealing with assessment in:

  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Abilities
  • Personality
  • Motivation
  • Judgment
  • Cultural fit

The tests gauge the experience and compatibility of a person with a particular job. They help an organization make intelligent decisions about hiring. Once hired, they help retain an employee by understanding his growth pattern and expectations. They are essential tools of measurement because they may be customized for every kind of company.

On similar lines are self-assessment tests, means of acknowledging that various personality types deal with situations in different ways. The tests are not of the right and wrong variety but rather determine which personalities are more suited for a particular role and who will fare better in, say, high-pressure situations. These allow an organization to create the right mix of employees.

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