Export Asana Data Conveniently with Bridge24 – An Interview with Todd Cavanaugh

Asana Training

Asana Training is a company founded by Todd Cavanaugh in 2013. It is a training company that specializes in helping businesses and organizations implement and optimize the Asana project management platform. As one of the earliest adopters of Asana, Todd created the Asana Training Masterclass, which is an easy-to-follow online course. With full HD training videos, it makes sure that project managers, small business owners and team members get a positive first impression of the productivity tool. Other services include on-site training seminars, virtual training seminars, workspace audit, and employee onboarding. This article is a summary of an interview by Todd Cavanaugh with Michael Claassen about Bridge24 for Asana.

Bridge24 for Asana

In the following interview, Michael shows Todd how easy it is to manage, filter, and view Asana data and export it conveniently using Bridge24.

What is Asana?

First of all, Asana is a task and project management tool for teams. It is being being used worldwide for project collaboration and progress tracking. Although it has gained large popularity and following since its launch in 2009, not everyone is in Asana. Therefore, users still have a need to export information to more accessible formats. For example, executives might prefer the reports in Excel, or printouts might be more convenient for an off-site meeting. Unfortunately, Asana’s reporting and exporting features have remained basic and is not a development priority at the moment.

What are Asana’s reporting and exporting limitations?

Users of Asana project management software have made requests for some time now about their need for a more robust and flexible reporting and exporting requirements. They have pointed out:

  • Poor formatting of exported data into CSV
  • Tasks and subtasks do not have a discernible order
  • Lack of customization in printing in list view or saving in PDF
  • Tedious need to print subtasks and task descriptions, because of missing customization features.

The Bridge24 Solution

Bridge24 for Asana is an online application that provides enhanced reporting and exporting features. It enables the display of tasks in more flexible ways. It does this using easy-to-setup dynamic connection. Once connected and authorized, users gain access to a new separate interface that packs more functionality. They can easily build custom filters and save them for later and repeated use. With these filters, they can sort, view, and combine project data in ways that are more meaningful. Also, the application allows them to 2 levels of grouping. They can indent subtasks up to 5 levels down. Users can add 4 extra fields including custom fields when generating reports, and more.

View List Projects as Boards

In Asana, users do not have the capability to change a project layout once the project has been created. In short, they cannot switch between list view and board view. In Bridge24, they can do this easily at any time. They can turn section headings into columns, so users can switch views in a few clicks. The board view and the smooth way of switching between views are a step up compared to using Asana.

Export to CSV or Excel

Exporting in Bridge24 is just painless and orderly. Users can simply choose which data they want to export from tasks, including custom fields. Choosing the data is easy with drag and drop. Furthermore, they can combine data from across multiple projects.

Visualize Data in Interactive Charts

Aside from ease of use, Bridge24 provides users a choice of colorful interactive charts to visualize their data. They can choose from different types of charts: pie, donut, polar, horizontal bar, and vertical bar. After generating their data in charts, they can opt to export their reports in PDF documents.

Automatic Report Generation

Users can select from a few predefined reports available for now. However, more custom reports are slated to come, including reports with formatted lists. The upcoming reports will also include those that provide users with analytical data, such as year-to-year comparisons.

Try Bridge24 for Free

Bridge24 also works with other project management software, such as Trello, Basecamp, and AceProject. It continues to regularly add important missing features from these software which are not given development priority. For instance, history audits, easy-to-use interface, smooth switching of views, and flexible ways to combine data across multiple projects, are just some of the capabilities that users will find very useful and are available now. For more information, visit them also on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube. Try Bridge24 now for free, and experience the great difference.

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