EPM Live 5.5: The Latest Release and Its Features

EPM Live is a work management application built on project portfolio management business practices, methods and technology. This December of 2013, it has released what they describe as its most forward-thinking version based on the culmination of all of their analysis, customer and internal feedback, and homegrown innovation. EPM Live 5.5 boasts of new features and performance upgrades that would greatly improve user experience and usability. The end result will be users being helped to work faster and more efficiently.

New User Interface and Shortcuts
With the goal of improving the way users navigate and interact with the system, EPM Live 5.5 now sports a new look. This intuitive interface allows for fewer clicks for users to get around the system. For instance, Favorites will allow the user to mark items and pages for a quicker access of their content. This is similar to bookmarking on a web browser. Another feature is quickly accessing a recently used App to create a new item. With just one click, users are able to accomplish more work.

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Enhanced Data Handling for Forms, Reports and Dashboards
Users are given more flexibility to handle data entry with customizable forms. Instead of adjusting to a fixed system, users can define entered data through tabs, fields, rules and special types like HTML and JavaScript. Therefore, they can make sure that their forms fit their specific business requirements. Also, it is easier now to create reports and dashboards on the fly because of EPM Live’s enterprise-class Business Intelligence solution. Users can easily modify existing reports, too, so they can understand and use only those that are meaningful to them.

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New Powerful App Features
EPM Live 5.5 now has new features for its resource analyzer tool. As a leading PPM tool, it can easily align people, projects and strategies towards business growth. The Resource Analyzer is a valuable tool for its ability to show resource workload and availability, perform what-if analysis, and group resources by attributes. Now, with a click of a button, it can bring up an HTML chart that shows resource capacity versus the total work selected. A Show Details button allows the user further to drill down and expand to see which items may be causing issues.

Additional features have been included on workspaces as well. This tool takes advantage of collaboration and its benefits. Aside from faster and more effective communication, EPM Live 5.5 now allows access to enterprise data within the workspace. To help the users start a collaboration session, several prebuilt workspaces are available such as Agile Workspace, Collaborative Workspace or Meeting Workspace. A user can also begin from scratch and just add the apps deemed as needed.

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Major Performance Upgrades
EPM Live 5.5 not only sports new features and interface but also upgrades under the hood. A performance upgrade that will make the system respond faster goes exceedingly well together with the reduction of clicks in using the system. For example, the system now uses cache store on several of its components. It also uses grid paging in handling datasets. It uses a SharePoint performance feature called MDS, and uses smaller timer jobs that require fewer server resources. Attention to detail, enhancement of features and performance upgrade aim to provide users an application with world-class usability. All this efficiency will allow users more productivity.

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