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Genico Startpage The hindrances to effective project management include lack of communication, unorganized workflow, employees who are not committed to their work, ineffective use of knowledge and inefficient software. For the most part, most if not all of these errors can be corrected. Project management requires that managers, supervisors and employees are working synergistically to achieve the overall objectives of the organisation.

Introducing Genieo Startpage

Insofar as effective communication of ideas, objectives and goals are concerned, Startpage trumps the competition. Startpage is a ground-breaking software development from the world’s most creative minds. The brains trust behind the creation of the highly complex algorithms governing Genieo’s software toiled long and hard to perfect their final product.

This software is different to anything that currently exists; it has been deemed the equivalent of artificial intelligence software. Project management is made that much easier by employing the use of this software for the multiple advantages that it has. For example, it is completely possible to enjoy dramatic cost savings, time savings and more effective means of communication from the top down.

How Project Management is Enhanced Courtesy of Startpage Software

One of the most fundamental tenets of any project management system is that everybody starts off in the right place. Regardless of the type of project management system that is in place, startpage keeps everybody on the right page at all times. It is a newspaper-styled homepage, which features all of the information that is relevant to you, or your company. Everything is ‘pulled’ from the World Wide Web ‚Äì an intricately connected/disconnected web of information, misinformation, spam, marketing content and more.

Effective mining of data is critical to the successful completion of any project. That is where startpage trumps the competition: it targets precisely that information that you seek and filters out all of the irrelevant content. And it does all of this with zero input from the user.

All that’s required of you is a quick, easy and free download and installation of the software. Genieo is able to effectively target that information that is pertinent to your browsing behaviour. If your needs change, Genieo will automatically realign itself to your changing preferences. For project managers this may well seem like a dream-come-true. Employees can rapidly, effectively and efficiently target information which will yield the desired results. Synergy is possible because different departments can work together with the right resources at their disposal.


The net effect of using startpage as your preferred software is overwhelmingly positive. The typical bugbears that hinder progress can easily be done away with, thanks to a novel approach to resolving highly complex, or simplified project management tasks.

The Mighty Genieo Homepage

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