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Best Encryption SoftwareMost businesses today invest in IT perimeter security to keep outsiders from getting in uninvited. Although effective most of the time for common threats, seriously committed attackers eventually find a way in. For the next layer of defense, organizations use detection systems to continuously monitor suspicious activities if someone has managed to get inside their digital fence. These two-layered defense of constant prevention and active detection is very effective against the attacker. Another approach is to protect that which is the subject of the attack, which is data. An effective way to protect data is to make it unusable to attackers with encryption software.

What is encryption software?

Encryption software is a program that converts readable information into unreadable or unintelligible data. Using varying degrees of cipher algorithms, it can encrypt or encode data containing sensitive information and make it unreadable to anyone or any device without the proper key to decode it back to its readable state. Today’s encryption tools can protect stored data or data at rest such as individual files, directories, whole hard disks or selected partitions or volumes. They can also protect data in transit to secure data communications between endpoints. Although they cannot prevent theft or unauthorized interception, the software makes it difficult for third parties to readily take advantage of data they have stolen.

Benefits of encryption software

The implementation of encryption software is an excellent cybersecurity strategy that complements solutions to protect IT resources and digital assets. Aside from making it harder for intruders to get in corporate networks, encrypting data will make it more costly in terms of time and effort for thieves to gain from their loot. On the other hand, companies benefit several ways in encrypting their business data.
  • Encryption software can help businesses comply with legal and industry standards and restriction.
  • Encryption provides data protection whether at rest or in transit, so businesses have less worries from theft.
  • Encryption tools are able to protect data stored both in local servers and in cloud storage, so third-party breaches will have minimal impact to the business.
  • Encryption can protect movement of data from multiple devices, including from mobile devices using wireless transmissions.
  • Encryption software not only protects leakage of sensitive information but also keeps the integrity of data. Attackers cannot easily change its contents while in encrypted form.

The best encryption software for 2021

Encryption software provides users and businesses an alternative to secure data at a time when collaboration is essential but also when cyber criminality is prevalent. The best encryption software available offer users a way to convert their files and folders into unreadable forms with strong and complex algorithms. They can also create a virtual, unbreakable safe where users can put their valuable digital assets inside and lock them up. Here is a list of the top encryption tools based on reviews from multiple sites, features, user feedback, and company ranking in no particular order.

BeLight Concealer

Concealer is an encryption software from BeLight Software for macOS. Concealer keeps files, credit card details, and other confidential information secure, organized, and out of sight. It stores information in the form of cards and uses AES-256 data encryption standard. Secure your account information, hide files and folders, and use note cards for text. Other features include double password, password generator, autolock, remote repository, and export.

Steganos Safe

Steganos Safe is an encryption solution that acts like a virtual safe box compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 10 devices. It can safely encrypt sensitive data stored in PCs, network servers, and the cloud. Users can create their safe of up to 2TB size with software assistance, such as defining the storage location and and the safe drive letter. It uses AES-XEX 384-bit encryption and can use a USB stick as a safe key. The software also supports data encryption in Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and MagentaCLOUD.


AxCrypt offers an encryption software for both private users and business users. It has strong 256-bit encryption, includes its own password management tool, and can automatically secure files in the cloud such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Collaboration on secured files is possible with key sharing, and encrypted files can be viewed on the move with its mobile app. The Business plan provides a dedicated account manager to customers.


CryptoForge is an easy-to-use software for encrypting files in Windows devices. The latest version supports Windows Server 2019. It can encrypt up to 16TB on NTFS volumes with support for 64-bit files. Users can send encrypted files to anyone that can use a free decrypter app. Other features include a secure document editor, file shredder, and compression tool. It can also encrypt folders, files, and filenames on local and network servers.

Cypherix SecureIT

Cypherix SecureIT is a file and folder encryption software for all versions of Windows. It uses Blowfish 448-bit encryption with built-in compression tool. The software has a command line processing that can initiate encryption and decryption at a DOS prompt. A secure email module allows the creation of self extracting encrypted files without the need of the software installed for recipients. It also has a file shredder that completely removes the file from the hard disk.

File Protector

File Protector from Rene.e Laboratory is a Windows tool for hiding, protecting, and locking files, folders, and disks. It can be used to protect data in external disks and memory devices using password protection. Lock shared folders, hide large quantities of data at a time, and allow read-only access on files to prevent changes and deletion. Other features include data lock-in local disks, monitoring of target disks through logs, and permanent erase of data.


VeraCrypt is a free and open source encryption tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It can create a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mount it as a disk. It can encrypt a hard drive, an entire partition, or a USB. Encryption is automatic and in real-time with technology that can decrypt it fast as if the drive is not encrypted. It supports several 256-bit encryptions such as AES, Camellia, Serpent, Twofish, Kuznyechik, and various combinations.

Folder Lock

Folder Lock from New is a Windows encryption software. It uses AES-256 encryption to encrypt files and lets you lock files from view and access. It also comes with a backup tool that provides end-to-end encrypted backup, on-demand syncing and restore, and can automatically backup when modification occurs. Use password protection to lock files, folders, and drives. Locked folders will be hidden from its original location and can be accessed only from the software’s interface.


WebMinds offers SensiGuard file encryption software for Windows PC and USB drives. It uses AES-256 encryption to protect files and folders. A user-friendly interface makes it easy to operate and comes with a password manager tool. Lock files and folders in a few clicks and compress encrypted files to save space. A file shredder ensures that deleted files cannot be recovered.


Nordlocker allows users to encrypt any type of file in a computer with a few clicks and back it up in a private cloud. To get a file, just log in to your Nordlocker account and open your file in any computer. A drag-and-drop interface automatically fetches an encrypted file and opens it from the app. It automatically encrypts the file after use. Other features include access control for file sharing, local encrypted folders, synced cloud lockers, unique encryption key for shared computers, and automatic backup.

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