Elizabeth Harrin and The OTOBOS Group: A Unique Perspective

Elizabeth HarrinIn a recent survey done by a business school of a UK university, data seems to support the view that women make better project managers when project performance is reviewed against schedule, budget, and scope. Political correctness on gender differences aside, Dr. Chris Sauer of the Oxford University UK told that in his research and discussions with experienced PM practitioners, male PMs do not argue this particular view, and the female PMs do not contradict it either.

Introducing Elizabeth Harrin

The survey’s data may have been pointing to Elizabeth Harrin as one of those well-performing project managers. With about ten years of experience in healthcare and financial services, Elizabeth is the current Head of IT Programme Delivery for Spire Healthcare. She is a career project manager/programme manager with a several initials of credentials following her name, such as MA, MBCS, and FAPM. She is also an MSP, PRINCE2, P3O Practitioner and PMI member. She is the Director of a Haringey, London-based company, a blogger and book/e-book author.

On Time, On Budget, On Scope (OTOBOS)

OTOBOS is a project management term, and as Director of The OTOBOS Group, Elizabeth Harrin perfectly describes the aim of the company in delivering its writing projects to its clients. As a project communications consultancy, The OTOBOS Group offers many kinds of services that include copywriting, web content for blogs, newsletters, and press releases. The company helps in producing e-books, project management templates, case study documentation and other forms of documentation as well as editing, proofreading, improving tone, style, choice of words, and basically just making the reading experience better and less boring.

The company’s website has a contact page for anyone interested with its services. Although based in the UK, Elizabeth does not see any obstacle that email, Skype, or any other modern-day communication tools cannot overcome. Some of her writings can be seen in different project management-related sites, and some are available upon request. J. Parkin of Kinley Consulting, Ltd, described how The OTOBOS Group was selected for their expert knowledge of the project management domain, for their expert business writers, and for their responsive customer service. Perhaps what stands out with Elizabeth and her company is the unique insight she provides not only as a consultant but as a current employee herself immersed in the thick of things.

The Girl and her Guide

Elizabeth Harrin described how in 2006 she noticed a lack of perspective coming from women PMs in available trade materials and conference talks. The blog A Girl’s Guide to Project Management came about to provide a unique female perspective about project management. Although women PMs are just as serious with the work, not many were writing or speaking about their insights and experiences.

Elizabeth is clear that she is not the sole voice of women PMs nor was she trying to reach only the female PM population. She writes her blogs so that people would not have a hard time looking for female PM writers and speakers. In fact, she is so successful in doing just that. A Girl’s Guide to Project Management and writer Elizabeth both have received quite a number of blog awards throughout the years from various organizations such as Computer Weekly. The blog continues to offer project management news, interviews, and opinions as well as cover events in the UK and overseas, too. Elizabeth can be contacted for various requests or through her hello [at] otobosgroup.com email address.

Read All About It

Elizabeth Harrin has authored several books and e-books and has co-authored one book. Project Management in the Real World is a resource for project and programme managers with its rich content of case studies. The second edition Shortcuts to Success contains new case studies and also had some removed that did not fit with the new book. Both editions compile about 250 years of professional project management experience, a real wealth of knowledge.

Social Media for Project Managers gives valuable information on how project teams can significantly improve project delivery by making use of social media and Web 2.0 technology. Two e-books from Elizabeth are Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Get Started Using Social Media on Your Projects. She also co-authored with Phil Peplow the book Customer-Centric Project Management. Interested readers can learn more about these publications here.

Social Network Links, Free Resources, and More

Elizabeth Harrin maintains a presence for herself and her blog in several social network sites. She can be found on Twitter, Feedburner, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. The OTOBOS Group is also on Facebook. Elizabeth also shares many resources including free e-books, PDF files, book and software reviews, and a lot more on her blog resources page.

Communication is Key

Taking nothing away from male project managers, the same survey mentioned at the start also states that male PMs usually over-deliver on business benefits, if budget or schedule considerations are given less importance. However, data came from one US survey, and who knows what the bigger picture is in the real world, unless project managers decide to share their experience. One thing is for sure; when they decide to let the world know, getting the help of project communications expert Elizabeth Harrin will make a big difference.

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