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effective pm and ba role collaboration coverEffective PM and BA Role Collaboration: Delivering Business Value Through Projects and Programs Successfully is a reference that considers the roles of the project manager and of the business analyst, and how a successful partnership can maximize business value and increase benefits to the organization. It is guide that applies concepts aligned with the PMBOK, BABOK and PRINCE2. It clearly defines and divides the roles of the project manager and the business analyst, provides an approach that addresses the gaps, overlaps and intersections between the roles, introduces collaboration steps to improve resource management and smoothly facilitates the transition between product requirements and project scope.

Book Details

The first hardcover edition was published in September 2015 by J. Ross Publishing. It has 368 pages and about 1 inch thick. The front cover displays the title in large fonts at the top of the page, with a smaller subtitle below it. The name of the authors are displayed at the bottom over a background of a photo of colored metallic gears. ISBN-10: 1604271132; ISBN-13: 978-1604271133


$54.95 for the hardcover edition


Target Audience

Effective PM and BA Role Collaboration is obviously for the project/program manager and business analyst, but is valuable to any member of a project team or business product team. Any professional performing PM or BA function, whether officially or not, can learn more about risk management, resource management, partnership and more.

What Customers Say

David Bieg described the book as an essential reference to add in anyone’s professional development library. He stated that it is a well-researched and developed book that shows the perspective and experiences of the authors in addressing a critical need in the industry.

Chris Wright stated that he particularly enjoyed the section on Assumptions, where the book discussed the value of listing assumptions and how to create a proper plan for managing them. He described it as an excellent primer and usable template that can be brought readily into the workplace.

Content, Approach, Style

Effective PM and BA Role Collaboration is divided into 11 chapters. The first chapter discusses the challenges that both roles face as well as techniques to address them. Chapter 2 is about common misconceptions about the two roles and their professions. Chapter 3 provides an overview of the differences between the PMI and IIBA, how to grow PM and BA skill sets, and the need for skills development as a major contributor to project success or failure. Chapter 4 is about the similarities between enterprise analysis and portfolio management, while Chapter 5 is about the importance of and the combined value both roles can create in managing communication and stakeholder expectations.

Chapters 6, 7, and 8 discuss the topics of requirements definition, assumptions, constraints, dependencies, risk and resource management. Chapter 9 deals the management of project change and organizational change, while 10 discusses project quality, recovery and lessons learned. The eleventh and last chapter closes with a reinforcement and reintroduction of the partnership and shared responsibility of both the PM and BA. The book is well organized, but readers can read any chapter in any sequence like a reference manual. The topics are separated by chapters, titles and headers. Paragraphs are of readable length with easy-to-understand language and bold/italics word emphasis. Bullet lists, figures and tables provide visual aid in the discussion, enumeration and summary of concepts and examples.

Why Buy the Book

Many books have been written about the roles and profession of project management and of business analysis separately. Effective PM and BA Role Collaboration is a unique guide that shows the importance and great value in the successful partnership and integration of both roles for a project’s and organization’s best interest. It also provides the practical steps and activities in how to collaborate effectively and leverage each other’s skills.

Books that Complement

Project Management, Denial and the Death Zone by Grant Avery uses stories and analogies to show how lessons from past initiatives can teach project professionals in managing risks better.

Kathleen Haas’s Breakthrough Business Analysis provides a framework to overcome new challenges and promote BA best practices that adds value to the enterprise and business strategy.


Ori Schibi is a leader and expert with over 23 years of experience in project management, consulting, training and business transformation. He has a Masters degree in Business Administration from Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto. He is a certified PMP and PRINCE2 Practitioner. Ori is the President of PM Konnectors since 2005, a Toronto-based privately held international consulting firm that provides a wide range of innovative business solutions including management services, professional development, quality resource placements, agile PM and keynote speaking, among others. He is also a speaker, instructor, part-time professor and co-founder of the PMI Southern Ontario Chapter BA Community.

Cheryl Lee is an author, speaker and passionate business analysis professional that has offered her services for the public and private sectors across all industries, including government, financial services, technology, telecommunication, transportation, construction and entertainment organizations. She received her Bachelors Degree in Science with Honors, with Double Major in Computer Science and Logistics with Math Minor. She is a certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, PMP, Certified Business Analysis Professional, and Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA). Cheryl co-founded with Ori the PMI Southern Ontario Chapter BA Community. She has demonstrated her devotion to profession by her non-profit contributions and her webinars and presentations at different venues.

$54.95 for the hardcover edition


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