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edge CRM Software: Overview – Features – Pricing

Overview Presentation

edge CRM is a customer relationship management tool for sales and service teams. It is designed to be simpler, but more intuitive, proactive, and analytically strong compared to other solutions. The cloud-based software is completely customizable, and provides users a 360-degree view of the company. Powered by intelligent computing, the AI-driven software collects, collates, and computes data from various sources. These information enable teams to come up with strategies and plans that maximize opportunities and build long lasting customer relationships.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Actionable Analytics – edge CRM allows users to monitor team performance through actionable reports and a real time Dashboard. It has over 40 types of KPI cards that can be set and tracked to check if sales objectives are being met. It provides innovative morning briefs delivered to the users’ inbox. More than 255 types of different sales reports enable sales managers to track the health of the business and build relevant strategies. They can also create custom reports that includes measuring the average number of calls, tasks, and meetings  done to close deals.
  • Sales Pipeline – The CRM software helps teams manage their sales pipeline effectively. The tool allows them to prioritize their leads and opportunities to quickly convert them to a sale. Smart reminders and escalation features ensure that they are able to catch every opportunity possible. Advanced ageing reports provide deeper information that can help users plan their efforts more effectively. The edge Assistant also helps them manage their sales funnel with a proactive approach, so they can follow closing opportunities in the coming months.
  • Business Forecasting, Secure Framework, Mobile Approach, and more – edge CRM helps users with accurate business forecasting. They get greater visibility with 12 months revenue forecasting and product forecasting. Other features include a Cashflow tool and a Leader Board for motivating and recognizing the top sales team performers. The software also includes security features, such as an access matrix for a tighter control over who sees what. It employs encryption and security provisions, as well as regular backups and security checks. The mobile apps allow sales and service teams to access key information about schedule, leads, opportunities, and customers anytime they need it. They can easily log calls, meetings, and more with the simple interface.



edge CRM offers customized solutions to every unique business needs. Those interested can simply click a button and fill up an online form to receive a free quote.

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Target Market

edge CRM is ideal for SMBs in various industries. Manufacturers, distributors, event management companies, and mutual fund distributors are some of the industries they serve.

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Sudhanshu Mohanty described edge CRM as a feature-rich product with a simple user interface. He stated that the UI is very easy to understand and use. He also finds the Excel-like data entry and AI-driven company creation as nice features.

Rahul Mohite stated that it is one of the best CRM software for Indian companies. UI and UX is at par with globally known products. edge CRM is a well-designed tool for sales and service teams with its reports and dashboard.

Why edge CRM

edge CRM is a modern tool that can help sales managers, sales operations, field sales, and senior management with its analytics and report automation. The simple interface allows for easy adoption, and the AI-driven presentation of data and alerts help teams to be proactive and effective in their tasks.

Company Info

edge CRM is a product of Tantra-Gyan Technologies Pvt Ltd, a privately held software company providing enterprise solutions in the domain of UI/UX, sales, marketing, and digital transformation. Based in Mumbai, India, it was founded by Pragnesh Lodaya, the company’s Director. After studying available CRM solutions, analyzing product data, and gathering of insights, the team was inspired to create a simpler but more powerful CRM for sales team.

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