DropTask Introduces Smarter Layout Across Views

DropTask is a free software that helps users get things done in a simple and fluid way. The visual task management application lets individuals and teams see tasks as well as the bigger picture. With a system of views, it shows what people are working on, how much they are completing by when, and provide the status of all their tasks and projects in real-time. It is a collaborative productivity software that got smarter with the introduction of new layouts.

A Smarter Workflow View

The latest update introduces a smarter layout in the Workflow view. This view is ideal for users who map out each stage of their project cycle. Those who work in projects with a more structured approach like Kanban can now see block-shaped tasks. Shifting from the Canvass view to the Workflow view, circular tasks transform into rectangular blocks under the categories they belong. Teams can customize their boards, create and build tasks in compact lists, and drag and drop them within and between columns as they go through the processes or timelines.

Smoother Urgency Lists View

The new DropTask layout also appears in the Urgency Lists view. The block-shaped tasks provide a neater, space-saving view that enables users to assess the overall situation. Thus, they can smoothly adjust priorities to adapt to current needs. In this view, 3 levels of urgency are displayed: normal, high, and very high. As a result, decision makers are able to make quick adjustments and focus first on tasks that require more urgent attention. The All Tasks Urgency Lists view displays all uncompleted tasks from across all projects for a more comprehensive birds-eye view.

Greater Visibility in Calendar View

In the Calendar view, the rectangular tasks represent the DropTask work items that need to be done on a specified date. They appear neatly stacked under the today, tomorrow, or some other future date columns. These tasks are from across all projects, and they can be sorted either by start date or by due date. Therefore, users can see a condensed view of their scheduled tasks without being overwhelmed with too much to look at. The shared calendars will provide teams the right information to pro-actively plan and work on their responsibilities and schedules.

Mark Tasks Complete with One Click

The new block-shaped tasks now have a tick button to allow users to mark them complete in one click. As they clicked on the tasks they completed, these blocks fade away and re-appear in the Completed Tasks View. On this view, they can click on the task, and it will bring out the Task sidebar. From there, they can see all the attributes, activity, and history of the task.

Making Space for Greater Productivity

The new DropTask smarter layout is available in the most recent update. It aims to help users save space and time as they work on their tasks and projects. They now have more option to view their projects, as well as work in a cleaner and more intuitive way that address their particular style or workflow. For more information about this new feature and upcoming updates, visit DropTask also on their Twitter, Google+, or YouTube page.

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