Donald Trump’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Donald Trump Donald John Trump was born in New York City. His father worked in their family real estate business, and her mother was from Scotland who emigrated to New York. Donald grew up in Queens, and was early on inspired by his father and real estate developer W. Zeckendorf. He entered Fordham University when he was 18, but transferred to Wharton School two years later at the University of Pennsylvania because of a real estate studies the school offered. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in economics.

He worked in the family business previously named Elisabeth Trump and Son, which was started by his paternal grandmother. At the age of 40, he was promoted to be its president, and renamed the business to The Trump Organization. When he was 32 years old, he made his first major deal which led to the opening of the Grand Hyatt Hotel. He also started at this time the Trump Tower project. At 36, he was included in Forbes initial list of wealthy people, estimated to be worth $200 million. At 71, he became the 45th President of the United States.

The Top 10 Rules

Trump is a very successful New York businessman, a real-estate developer with properties across the US and other countries. He is also a TV producer of the show The Apprentice. He has been interviewed and invited many times in many shows and in print for tips and advice regarding a successful career and business. This YouTube video is a summary and a part of Evan Carmichael’s Top 10 series.

1. Create Your Own Luck

Donald Trump stated that he believes in luck, and that some people are luckier than others. However, he quoted the expression that the harder a person works, the luckier they get. He believes that a person can develop luck through hard work.

2. Don’t Do It for the Money

He stated that he does what he does simply because he loves it. He believes that he makes money simply because it is not his sole reason to do his work. He repeatedly say that he loves being in real estate and building infrastructures that would become great buildings. He does it for fun, for games, for sport, and consequently gain a lot of money doing it. He sums it up by stating that if he does not enjoy being in real estate, he would not be successful.

3. Go Against the Tide

Donald Trump stated that going against the tide is great, but only if it works. People have to be really smart to go against the common or more popular opinion or sentimentality. But when people get it right, they will end up better, because the rewards are greater. He mentions some companies who have gone against the tide and have hit it big, such as Microsoft and Google. However, people should have great confidence and be the right person to pull it off.

4. Just Keep Going

He repeats these words in many occasions: never, ever give up. He encourages people who are in situations that may seem they have no chance of succeeding. They may feel that they are in a situation where their opportunity has passed them. He tells them not to stop and just keep going forward. He states that people who enjoy what they do, who have a certain innate intelligence and drive will ultimately be successful in what they do.

5. Change Your Mindset

He tells a story of a friend who goes into a certain mindset that helps this person later on to be successful. His friend always flies first class even when he does not have enough money. By flying first class, this person visualizes that he is already successful. This mindset eventually trained the rest of his thinking, bringing the person to success. He states that he never forgets this important lesson.

6. Protect Against the Downside

Donald Trump believes in positive thinking. He cites Norman Vincent Peale as a great influence in his life. However, he states that he also aspires to protect against the downside. He states that it is naive to just be positive all the time, because unfortunately, that is not how the world is. It is important to think about the challenges, so that when they do come along, people will be ready.

7. Be Able to Handle the Pressure

He believes that to leave a steady job providing income for one and his family to become a businessman is the hardest thing to do. This involves a great deal of risk, for one’s self and his family. To know if a person has what it takes to be an entrepreneur is to absolutely know if one can handle pressure. In his observation of many people, those who can handle pressure become successful entrepreneurs. Being smart is not enough. Furthermore, he adds that having the right attitude about success is the best way to handle pressure. Because, in the end, it does not really matter so much as family, or faith, or other really important things in life.

8. Never Settle

Donald Trump states that people settle for mediocrity because of their laziness. When people go into something but does not want to go the extra mile or the additional effort, they do not succeed. It is because they settle for just okay, and so in the end, the result is never great.

9. Live Healthy

He mentions his elder brother who became an alcoholic. At one time, when his brother was younger, he believes that he looks very handsome and with great personality. But because of alcohol addiction, his looks as well as his health became worse. This brother always told him never to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. And so, he never drinks alcohol, or smoke or do drugs. He strictly tells all his children the same thing.

10. Help Others

Once in a TV show, Donald Trump donated an undisclosed amount to a little girl with a brittle bone disease. Through his friend Maury Povich, Trump encouraged the adorable 10-year-old girl to continue to be positive in spite of her health challenges.


Donald Trump, like many other successful people, highlights the importance of passion, perseverance, and hard work as ingredients to success. He is a popular personality in media, much more now, often drawing mixed reactions from people. However, his 10 rules is consistent with other successful people, and should be evaluated based in its own merit.

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