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digital-project-management-logoDigital Project Management: The Complete Step By Step Guide to a Successful Launch was penned to allow project managers to keep up with the ever-changing technological advancements and stay updated with the modern practices and information. The author has done extensive research and proves that the digital roll-out process shown in this practical guide and reference can work on any company that has embraced digital platforms while maintaining profitability at the highest levels.

Book Details

The book was published by J.Ross Publishing and released to the public on 20th October 2015 in English. Three different shades of blue themes encompass the front and back covers, and diagrams depicting the world as a digital global village of opportunity are defined in yellow and orange. The book is 1.2 inches long with 272 pages. ISBN-10: 1604271256; ISBN-13: 978-1604271256


$49.95 for the book edition


Target Audience

Digital Management Project is carefully tailored to suit business minded individuals, team leaders, project managers, department heads, digital marketers, information technology specialists, system analysts, CEO’s, leaders and employers seeking web solutions.

What Customers Say

Rafael Eugenio Figueroa, the head of Digital marketing in General Motors South America, said that if it was not for this book, launching nine different sites all over South America would have been impossible. He specifically mentioned the digital roll-out process of particular importance and that he strongly recommends it.

Joey Groh (Amazon) called the book a great digital launch reference book. He stated that it is easy to tell that the writer knows what she was talking about in this book and that he always uses it in his day to day projects because of its process checklist and sample documentation.

Content, Approach, Style

Digital Project Management is divided into 3 main parts: Initiation, Planning and Construct to Close. These 3 parts incorporate 11 chapters collectively with the first two parts covering basic training and needs assessment chapters. The second part breaks down documentation, communication and information architecture, analysis, development and preparation chapters. The book finalizes in the third part with discussions on the content, testing and cut-over chapters.

The book is deeply rooted in its explanations and steps, thus earns an entitlement of being a strategy based practical guide rather than a theoretical case study. It has well-defined examples and easily understandable concepts. All chapters have short summaries and the terminologies in the book are easy to understand.

Why Buy the Book

Digital Project Management provides best practices and guided advice that has been used in over 100 major projects of all shapes and sizes globally, especially projects that had limited funding. The provided steps for leadership, management, and successful completion align perfectly with 5 basic process groups, which were launched by the Project Management Institute. The steps and practices in the book are organized and easy to implement over stipulated periods. This great value for your money is best suited for individuals, businessmen and entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the millions of possibilities in today’s technological marketplace.

Books that Complement

Project Management for Engineering and Construction by Garold Oberlender is a great complementary book as it focuses on the category of businesses that can benefit greatly from the advancement in technology.

The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind by Valeh Nazemoff is a management book that delivers information on topics such as business analytics, neuroscience, organizational psychology, and multiple intelligence theory.


Taylor Olson is an accredited project management professional with more than two decades of work experience. She studied at Michigan State University where she earned her degree in Telecommunications. She thereafter began her profession in advertising and automotive marketing. She has a long history of working with many organizations and has trained and partnered occasionally with global team members during her travels. She has used her skill-set to help build applications and websites for Fortune 500 companies in line with her digital project management practices. At this time, Taylor Olson specializes in using content management systems to develop and create web solutions for corporations and recognized institutions all over the globe.

$49.95 for the book edition


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