Demystifying the PMP Exam – A Book

demistifying-pmp-exam-logoDemystifying the PMP Exam is a book that will guide you through every step of your PMP exams. This book will be offering you coaching advice, secrets, and tips, as well as bringing directions and answers to PMP candidates along their PMP certification journey. It is a reliable source of information and guidance giving the best strategies and training paths for PMP candidates to reach their goals with confidence and on a budget.

Book Details

The first edition of this book has 330 pages and was published in September 2014 under PMCampus, a part of MOKANOVA Inc. The front and back covers are designed with a pink and black theme. The back cover contains more information on the authors and the details about the book. ISBN-13: 978-1500846824; ISBN-10: 1500846824


$19.99 for the book edition or $5.20 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

Demystifying the PMP Exam targets individuals who are looking for useful sources of information to get started with their PMP certification, prep students who have already started their training but are lost trying to find the right strategies to reach their goals on a budget, exam candidates who have completed their core training and are seeking guidance for them to be able to perform at their peak on the day of the exam. Trainers and instructors will also find it in their interest to offer this training manual to their students.

What Customers Say

Sydney L. (Amazon) says it’s a must have for every PMP aspirant being able to guide individuals through the whole process of PMP certification. The chapter about developing skills in solving situational questions and rationalizing was very helpful.

Alexander (Amazon) says it was a huge help for him as a beginner, saving him a lot of time finding information that would have required much more time to find on the web.

Content, Approach, Style

Demystifying the PMP Exam is divided into three parts with a total of eight chapters. The first part goes through the beginning of your journey giving you alumni stories, advice and tips. The second part focuses on the last days before taking the exam covering all project management processes and knowledge areas tested in the exam. The third part prepares you for the day prior to the exam, the exam day and life afterwards. The chapters are sequenced in a chronological order but each chapter can be read on its own in any order preferred by the reader.

This book isn’t a study guide designed to give you complex information for you to manage, it thoroughly guides you through every step of your PMP certification journey. Many illustrations are presented. The terms are clearly defined and explained. Overall reviews of this book are overwhelmingly positive.

Why Buy the Book

This book truly demystifies the truth about the PMP exams by describing techniques that make students be able to solve situational questions and rationalize, PM recap methods and memorization advice, thus completely boosting the candidates confidence and enabling them to truly be able to perform at their full potential.

Books that Compliment

PMP Exam Prep Questions, Answers, & Explanations by Christopher Scordo is a great book containing many practice questions increasing your preparation for the exam.

The Project Management Answer Book by Jeff Furman is designed to assist on the PMP exams addressing issues such as key principles of project management, scrum, agile and many others.


Kahina Morisset is the CEO of, a company specializing in project management education. She has held her PMP credential since 2005. She received her (CAPLP2) in 1996 with Education Nationale (France). She has degrees in Master of Sciences from University Louis Pasteur and Engineering from Engineering School EOPGS (Strasbourg, France) in 1988. She got her MBA from McGill University in 2007.

Marilyn M.Hartman is a senior business operations and technology director with more than 20 years of experience leading fortune 500 companies. Her background includes 15 years of experience as a project manager 10 years of experience as a supervisor. She has also held her PMP credentials since 2005.

$19.99 for the book edition or $5.20 for the Kindle edition


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