Deeply Practical Project Management – A Book

Deeply Practical Project Management is the book version of the training course of a similar name developed by a veteran project management professional. The book guides the reader in making full use of PMI best practices for all project sizes. Aside from providing guidance, the book serves as a companion reference as the project goes through its whole life-cycle, with checklists, templates and software tools. Thus, the reader is guided every step of the way with recommended specific actions to take for successful and practical project implementation.

Book Details

The paperback measures 8.5 in. wide, 0.6 in. thick, and 11 in. long. It ships about 1.6 pounds. It has 256 pages divided in 6 chapters. Aside from paperback, it is also available in Kindle format. This first edition was published in July 2017 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing in the English language. ISBN-10: 1548650463; ISBN-13: 978-1548650469


$19.95 for the paperback version and $9.95 for the Kindle version

Target Audience

Deeply Practical Project Management is for project managers and other project professionals, as it covers all the process groups of the PMBOK. It can be used for all project sizes and in all phases. Students taking project management courses can also use it for reference along with other PM books. Veteran project managers and new professionals will benefit from the practical suggestions and recommendations from the book.

What Customers Say

The following are testimonials given by students who took the training course which the book is based on:
J. Anderson stated that due to the vast amount of actual experience, the author was able to create a very interesting course material. It also moved at a good pace.

N. Beaudoin described the course as full of great experiences and tips. It is very clear and easy to understand. Also very informative with the right examples.

C. Newton stated that the book is equivalent to the PMBOK applied in an easy-to-use fashion. It is full of practical examples and inside knowledge of the PM industry.

Content, Approach, Style

Content: Deeply Practical Project Management is divided in 6 chapters. The first chapter is about project management overview. Chapters 2 to 6 discuss topics related to the 5 process groups, or phases, as the preferred term in the book. It covers project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and finally, closing.

Approach/Tone: The author is concise and direct to the point. He uses an instructional approach in a conversational tone. This simplifies how the reader can use the book as a guide and checklist for making sure the right processes are applied and followed in managing the project all throughout.

Style: The language is easy to understand. The paragraphs and sentences are short, most of the time enumerated in lists. The topics are organized to be read sequentially. Project management and some business terms are present but defined concisely and very well explained in simpler terms. The actions are also described clearly.

Why Buy the Book

Deeply Practical Project Management can serve readers by guiding them to the essential processes as recommended in the PMBOK. But more than that, the actual extensive experience of the author allowed him to simplify the needed processes to practical steps that will help ensure the proper planning, documentation, and management of the project, as well as clear communication and the right cooperation from all the other stakeholders.


William (Bill) Stewart, PhD is a PMI-certified Project Management Professional who has managed projects with budgets that range from $250k to $55M. He has served in senior management roles that develop and implement projects of up to $3B. Some of the firms and institutions that he has work for are Public Service Commission of Canada and Lockheed Martin. Dr. Stewart founded Cirrus Computing in 2007 where he served and managed the company for 10 years as CEO. He taught eleven computer science courses at the University of New Brunswick, where he also received his doctorate degree in computer science. He developed and refined the Deeply Practical PM Training course based on 25 years of use and 10 years of feedback.

$19.95 for the paperback version and $9.95 for the Kindle version

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