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Decode PMP is a prep book that serves as a last minute refresher guide as readers/PMP aspirants go through their last weeks of preparation for the certification exam. As a reviewer, it presents all the important concepts that a successful test taker should know. Information is presented in visual-friendly and easy-to-remember presentation, such as bulleted points, tables and images. It also includes some question and answer sections to help the reader grasp the project management principles as quickly as possible.

Book Details

The paperback measures 6 in. wide by 0.6 in. thick by 9 in. long. It ships about 15 ounces. It has 242 pages divided in 13 chapters. Aside from paperback format, it is also available in Kindle format. This first edition was published by Notion Press on September 26, 2018 in the English language. ISBN-10: 9781644294703; ISBN-13: 978-1644294703


$12.99 for the paperback version and $3.99 for the Kindle version

Target Audience

Decode PMP is for people on the last few weeks of preparing to take the PMP certification exam. Assumed to have completed all the prerequisite mandatory classroom training hours and standard reference and preparatory books, it is for PMP aspirants in the final leg of their PMP exam prep training.

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Content, Approach, Style

Content: Decode PMP has 13 chapters, with the first 3 discussing the introduction to project and project management, the environment which projects operate, and the role of the project manager. The next 10 chapters are the summarized concepts of the 10 knowledge areas according to the PMBOK. An appendix contain the answer keys to sample PMP questions.

Approach/Tone: The author is direct and concise in his approach to presenting the concepts. They are presented as bulleted lists and are occasionally complemented with tables and images to better convey the project management principles.

Style: The book is presented logically and efficiently. Topics are introduced with headers and subheaders. Lists contain short sentences that are to the point. Examples are also given, such as examples of projects as compared to examples of operational works. It also has the tables that show the input, tools and techniques, and output columns for creating deliverables.

Why Buy the Book

Decode PMP is a handy tool for people taking the PMP certification exam. It is a summarized quick refresher in a convenient bulleted list format. After studying the official reference PMBOK sixth edition and other prep books that explain detailed concepts of project management, this is an accessible reviewer that can help remind the reader of the most important principles to which questions will be based during the exam.


John Nidhin, PMP is a project manager for Avionics at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), a state-owned aerospace and defence company with headquarters in Bengaluru, India. John is an Electronics Engineering graduate of Thiruvananthapuram College of Engineering. He worked as an associate system engineer at IBM India, an avionics engineer at HAL, and as a project manager. During his preparation for the PMP certification, he compiled a quick prep book to help PMP aspirants as they go through the last weeks of preparation before their PMP certification exam.

$12.99 for the paperback version and $3.99 for the Kindle version

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