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Compare the Best Data Analysis Software and Tools for 2023

Data Analysis Software

According to statistics, each person generates an average of 1.7 megabytes of data every second. When more than 7 billion people in the world are producing accumulative data that fast, we need better tools to process data and see the information beneath it. Raw data is hard to understand. However, data analysis software enables people to refine data to see a clearer and bigger picture that is more understandable and useful.

What is data analysis software?

Data analysis is the process of obtaining raw data from the real world or operational environment and subjecting it to additional processes for further examination. Data analysis tools enable users to collect data from various sources and transform and organize it to another format that is more understandable and easier to manipulate. Data analysis software include features such as easy-to-use graphical interface and automation that makes processing, formatting, cleaning, and exploring raw data simpler in order to derive information that is easier to understand. Data analysis is a component of business intelligence tools and can process derived information further to provide refined intelligence that give business users the needed insight to help them make decisions.

Typical data analysis software features

Data analysis software may not be as comprehensive and automated as BI software, but it still gives users the tools to collect, inspect, and direct how raw data is processed. The best best data analysis software allows users to identify what data they want to get and provides the tools to extract it. Most of these tools include data preparation features to clean collected data and disregard invalid, incomplete, and duplicate data. The top software solutions can also be integrated to other tools such as dashboards and have built-in visualization tools included.

Top data analysis software and tools

We compiled a list of data analysis tools based on reviews from multiple sites with no specific industry focus. We included features, integration, ease of use, and customer feedback as criteria. Many solutions are described as BI software since data analysis is an essential component in providing business intelligence. However, tools already included in a previous BI software article will not be mentioned again in this list. But some data analysis software can also be among the best dashboard software.


Sisense is a BI and data analysis software that helps empower a wide range of professionals by providing tools to simplify raw, complex data. It has API and integration-ready tools that allow you to collect and combine data from different sources. Build analytic apps that can be easily embedded anywhere to provide users across the organization useful information and actionable insights.


Matomo markets itself as a Google Analytics alternative with a focus on privacy. The web analytics software can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. It is open source and customizable to extend its core features with the right apps that you need. The interface is user friendly, and the software includes unlimited data storage. Features include media analytics, content interactions, transitions, and row evolutions. The software also has site search, custom reporting, and email reports.


Alteryx is a self-service analytics, data analysis, and process automation software. The software can be used for data preparation, technology integration, data discovery and management, advanced analytics, and visualization. It is applicable to a wide array of industries including financial services, healthcare, retail, transportation and logistics, oil and gas, and the public sector. Users can find, prepare, blend, and analyze their data in a repeatable workflow within hours.


Stata is software for statistics and data analysis. It provides the tools for users to explore, visualize, and model their data. Some of the areas the software is applied are in behavioral sciences, biostatistics, data science, economics, education, epidemiology, finance, business, marketing, and research. It is a complete integrated software package that has tools for data manipulation, visualization, statistics, and automated reporting.


Origin is installed data analysis and graphing software from OriginLab. As a graphing tool for science and engineering applications, it includes over 175 graph templates, 3D OpenGL graphs, advanced statistics and analysis tools, and custom reports. It has several data import connectors, graph publishing tools, and analysis and statistic applications.


Qlik is a data analytics and integration software that offers several cloud-native products. Qlik Sense and QlikView are data analytics tools that allow users to combine, load, visualize and explore data. The software also has search tools, dashboards, reporting, customization, and self-service features. As an end-to-end solution, it enables users to turn raw data into actionable data that is easy to find and immediately available.


Looker is a BI and data analysis software where users can integrate data sources, create custom applications, and serve up dashboards that shows real-time data. It can run on different cloud platforms such as AWS and Google Cloud. Pre-built applications speed up custom work and a unified view provides different viewers, whether data teams, product builders, and data consumers, the results they are looking for using one platform.


Minitab is a statistical and data analysis software package. It is an installed program that is compatible with Windows and macOS. Aside from the software, it also offers services to help organizations discover information, predict trends, and achieve goals with its solution.


Mode is a collaborative data science and analysis platform. It has products and solutions for different users such as those in data, finance, operations, sales, and marketing. Features include R and Python notebooks, a shared cloud SQL editor, interactive visualizations, customizable reporting, and report sharing.


Databox is a business analytics and KPI dashboard platform. It allows you to pull data from multiple tools to mix and match metrics and get a better view of performance. It also includes a Dashboard Designer, which is a no-code custom dashboard builder. The software allows users to set goals for any metrics, and it can track and visualize progress in one screen.

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