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Projects are now recognized and accepted as a means to help business grow, thrive and be competitive. But over time, the nature of projects has become complex. Thus, project management also evolved and looked for novel ways to make sure projects not only satisfy the time-cost-scope constraints, but also deliver tangible business benefits. It has become necessary for successful project managers to be informed and skilled in business, and comfortable in making business decisions just as they are in project management. Dan Miller is one such person.

Introducing Dan Miller, Project Management Specialist

Dan Miller is a certified Project Management Professional based in Canberra, Australia. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and in Information Technology. He also has a Master’s degree in Software Engineering, and an MBA, all received from The Australian National University. Dan has working experience using both traditional and agile project management methodologies. He has collaborated and worked with a team of people and an organization that supported each other to succeed using agile project management. They are able to complete several projects successfully, and even won several industry awards and medals.

Business Leader

Aside from being a software engineer and a project manager, Dan Miller possesses the ability to turn business ideas into projects, and get them off the ground to become profitable ventures. In 2004, he founded Citadel Systems, a privately held ICT project management and project capability development company. Services include project and program development, project resourcing, enterprise technology solutions, and more. Dan also co-founded, together with his wife Kristin, Trade Guardian, a back office and administration services for trades people, engineers and construction professionals. Then the husband and wife team also started Smart Business Guardian, a management consultancy that provides tactics, tools and techniques to entrepreneurs.

Educator, Producer

Dan lives by a few simple philosophies. Some of these are learning by doing, helping others to improve themselves, having fun in what you do, and in giving back. As a graduate of The Australian National University, he has taught as an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Computer Science as well as in the College of Business Economics of the university for 5 years. He is also the creator/producer of Miller ions, where he has launched his self-published books, and where he produces a podcast by Amelia Miller.

Author, Blogger, Speaker

Dan Miller has published two books. The first one published in June 2017 is about teaching readers how to develop their own web application using the MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, and NodeJS) stack. The second is titled Don’t Spook the Herd! It is about agile project management, and we have reviewed it here. Dan also writes blogs which can be read in the Smart Business Guardian website. He discusses a range of topics including business administration philosophies, time management, productivity, and others. Dan and Kristin are also available for speaking engagements at conferences, keynotes, workshops and seminars.

Helping People Reach Their Goals

Dan Miller has another life philosophy that he abides by, and that is to continuously improve himself by taking on challenges to bigger and better things. As a PMP and project management specialist, he has also become a business leader, a self-published author, and a keynote speaker. In all the challenges that he takes, there is an underlying desire to help others improve. As a genuine people person, he focuses on relationships between people and promotes it as an important element in all kinds of success, in project management, in business, and in life in general. Dan can be reached through his LinkedIn page.

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