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creative anarchy book coverCreative Anarchy: How to Break the Rules of Graphic Design for Creative Success is a book about great design and ideas. It tells readers how to follow the rules to come up with awesome ideas and design. It also explains how to break these same rules and still come up with great, if not greater, ideas and design. As the saying goes, one has to know the rules well first before they can break them effectively. It is a practical guide that contains numerous tips, exercises and design samples representing over 100 designers from more than a dozen countries.

Book Details

This first edition paperback will be available on January 28, 2015 by HOW Books. It has 240 pages and is about 0.7 inch thick. The front cover has the letters of the title in large, fonts spelled out in five rows and three columns. The subtitle and the name of the author are displayed in between these rows on teal-colored background. ISBN-10: 1440333327; ISBN-13: 978-1440333323


$23.78 for the book edition


Target Audience

Creative Anarchy is ideal for graphic designers, web designers, marketing and advertising professionals, and anyone in the creative field. It is also a goldmine of ideas for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

What Customers Say

The book will be available by January 28, 2015. According to the author’s Facebook page, the book also received 941 design submissions wherein 205 projects were included. They represent 105 designers or firms representing 14 countries.

Content, Approach, Style

Creative Anarchy is divided into two parts: learning the rules and breaking the rules. The introduction explains why design matters, why design rules matter, and why in some projects or situations, breaking the rules or resorting to creative anarchy is needed. The first part breakdowns 10 essential design rules, such as message is commander, the computer is only a tool, remember the basics, and so on. For example, the first rule reminds designers that communication is more important than aesthetics. And because communication is top priority, the client’s message must be delivered to the audience. The second part of the book details how to break the rules for the sake of good design. Exercises are also included to help clarify methods in rule breaking.

The book present ideas in text and sample designs side by side, which gives readers a better understanding of the rules and the methods of breaking them. The page layout is in two columns, which is ideal for the side-by-side presentation. Paragraphs are of readable length, and topics are separated by headings and divider lines. Exercises and their instructions are listed step by step.

Why Buy the Book

Creative Anarchy is a unique and very practical book for creative people and for the rest of us who need a little more help in coming up with ideas and designs. Many have been trying to produce good, unique designs both by following and by breaking standard rules, and this book tells people how to do it properly and effectively. The 28 creative exercises can be used to help teams brainstorm ideas and produce work that stands out.

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Denise Bosler is an experienced designer, illustrator, professor and author. Denise earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1995 from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. She then earned her Master of Fine Arts from Marywood University. She has been designing and illustrating for 20 years as the principal of Bosler LLC. Her design work focuses on surface design, print, product packaging and brand identity. She has produced numerous logo, print and packaging designs that have won awards. Denise is also an Associate Professor at Kutztown University teaching graphic design and illustration for students of Communication Design. She has also authored Mastering Type, published in 2012. Denise Bosler speaks at private lectures or public events on topics such as typography and art licensing.

$23.78 for the book edition


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