Comindware Project – Now with Copy Project, Archive and More

comindware project logoComindware Project has recently released its extended version which is anticipated to create a huge effect not only to its existing user base, but for the entire project management software market. The latest version includes features that have elevated its position to become a serious contender as solutions provider targeting the medium to large businesses. Features such as project cloning (copying), archiving, and enhanced navigation may not be the game changer that comes to mind. However, the impact of these features is equivalent to bringing enterprise-grade functionality with far-reaching implications.

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Copy previous Projects, Create Templates from them

Comindware Project made predictive project management and planning accessible to small businesses, enabling them to compete on a more-or-less equal footing with large firms capable of buying expensive solutions. The latest version now gives users the capability to copy completed projects and create templates from them for their new projects. This feature alone tremendously helps a project manager handling multiple projects to start a new one with less work than necessary. Furthermore, the process of copying projects is highly configurable, allowing the user to select specific criteria, such as estimates, tasks, resources and documents, to name a few. This major time saver not only cuts the time it takes to start a new project, but also eliminates possible errors to occur when manually creating a new project.

comindware project templates and copying

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Archive finished Projects, Access the Archives easily

Now that Comindware Project users are capable of starting new projects faster, the team behind the innovative project management software naturally worked on what comes next; more projects being completed faster. The latest extended version enables users to save and archive completed projects in organized, dedicated folders. These folders will have read-only status, but at the same time, easily providing project managers access to previous project documents and discussions that are relevant to new and current projects. Again, the implication of this new feature equates to a huge added ability to have a ready reference of countless completed projects to help the successful delivery of current undertakings.

comindware project archiving

Navigate Projects and Rooms easily, Customize with Favorites

Since the beginning, Comindware Project has strong collaboration features, having been built on top of Team Network’s enterprise social tool that boosts employee engagement. Users are able to collaborate with the team on project tasks as well as with other colleagues in other departments on activities even beyond project scope. They can create Discussion Rooms to discuss internal work with the team or activities with external partners. The latest edition now enables Project users to flexibly arrange their workspace so they can customize how to navigate to their projects and discussion rooms in a way that is most meaningful to them. With Favorites, users can organize their workspace and focus on their top-priority projects and engagements without having to remember and complete complicated maneuvers.

comindware project favorites

Project Management Software for all Sizes

Comindware’s mission is to optimize performance through the power of disruptive technologies. It has done so by helping many small and mid-sized businesses with its predictive project management software. The new features of project copying, archiving, and enhanced navigation in the extended version of Comindware Project have helped situate it as a leading project management solution for large enterprises. This expansion of capabilities, all the while continuing to bring an enhanced user experience, is a clear sign that it is ready as ever to take on any project challenge regardless of size. For more updates, visit their Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn pages.

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