Comindware Project: A New Way to Plan Projects and Allocate Resources

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Looking for a way to plan your projects effectively and save time? Would you have project planning automated rather than performing all routine scheduling work manually? You are not alone in this strive and there are solutions to address this challenge.

According to, the sufficient amount of time to devote to planning of a low-uncertainty project is at least 10% of the expected project duration; and if you have a high-uncertainty project you should be ready to devote at least 20%. Impressive, right?

Fortunately, technology is revolutionizing the way project managers do their jobs with workflow automation, email automation, and then there is an innovative solution by Comindware Project – a huge step towards more efficient project planning and execution.

See below details on Comindware Project’s unique project planning capabilities that set it apart from competitors and make it make it a solution of choice for Project Managers.

Automated Priority-based Planning

Comindware Project dramatically simplifies your project planning and scheduling with out-of-the-box project planning automation based on task priorities. You simply need to assign tasks and define priorities with drag and drop ease. Comindware Project calculates your project plan automatically, allows for fully transparent resource leveling as well as makes it possible to generate complex project plans within significantly shorter periods of time. Prior to resource allocation Comindware Project allows to create a visual project plan with the Comindware Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) enabling an unlimited task and sub-task hierarchy.

2_Automated Priority-based Planning

Real-time Gantt-chart

Comindware Gantt-chart renders the actual project status by automatically identifying open time slots in case tasks are completed before the due date, or by shifting delayed work to future. Automatic rescheduling of the remainder of work ensures actual ETA calculation. As a result you are provided with a real-time project status enriched with estimations of milestones and the actual delivery dates. According to Comindware, Inc. experience and feedback from our clients this “not too optimistic ” approach to accurate project planning is quite effective in avoiding unexpected hiccups during the project implementation process and getting your project goals reached timely.

1_Predictive Real-time Gantt-chart

Automated Resource Allocation

As it frequently happens, same people are assigned to multiple projects, which results in resource conflicts. Comindware Project provides you with a color-coded chart that eliminates resource overload and makes it easy to juggle resources between multiple competing projects and resolve resource conflicts in advance by allocating resources to different projects based on the distributed workload information.

3_Plan and Allocate Resources


No software can fully ensure project success or safeguard against budget overruns or missed timelines. However a breakthrough project management software can dramatically increase your efficiency as a project manager providing you with the right set of capabilities such as planning automation, project structure visualization and transparent reporting.

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