Clarizen Software Latest Release of Summer 2014

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clarizen logoClarizen online project management software is excited to inform its customers of the latest Summer release. The latest offering includes many new features that empower users to get the job done more efficiently. Two new charts, several usability improvements and a quick way to create actionable items are now features that are included in a software where social engagement meets powerful project management. Customers who have specific needs can count on an enterprise collaboration solution that listens to their requests and provide them the right features and enhancements to help them get their work done with better results.

New Charting Options

Clarizen enterprise project management software included two new charting options in its latest release. The brand new charts are scatter charts and bubble charts. Like other reports and dashboards, these charts provide real-time status at any time and anywhere, even with smartphones and tablets. The scatter chart is a three dimensional chart with x and y axis and point color. For instance, it can be used to plot projects’ start date (x axis) vs. actual cost (y axis), with the point color as project type. A bubble chart adds a fourth dimension with the bubble size, which can indicate expected profitability, for example.

clarizen summer 2014 bubble charts

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These two new charts can be used not only in the Projects module, but in all modules of the software. For example, it can be used in the Cases module to track SLAs vs. state of cases, or the distribution of customers based on size, location and industry. Moreover, an improvement in charting is the ability to isolate specific values on the chart. In a chart showing different Project types, for example, hovering the mouse on the legend specifically on a value such as “Design” will dim the other plot points to show clearly only the project types in the Design category.

clarizen summer 2014 isolate points

New Actionable Item Creation

Clarizen online project management successfully integrates social collaboration such that discussion posts concerning projects display updates, issues or concerns instantly that may affect work. Discussion posts often are sources of new actionable items that intend to correct issues or solve problems. This Summer release has made it easy for users to create a new task, request, project, risk or other items directly from the discussion post or a reply by simply clicking the “+” hotkey. By pressing this key from the discussion area, a dropdown menu will appear to give users the choice of actionable items they want to create.

clarizen summer 2014 action item

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Customer-requested Usability Improvements

Several usability improvements are included in the latest release of Clarizen that came from popular customer requests. One of them is the ability to access the Resource Load view when working on a team panel view. For instance, a user in the Tasks module wants to view the distribution of work between all team members. By hovering the mouse on “Everyone” entry in the team panel view, clicking the dropdown and selecting the View Load option, the Resource Load view will appear allowing users to easily redistribute work as needed. Also, Administrators can update a user license type by updating the User Type field with the relevant license type, and this new license will take effect on the user’s next login to the system.

clarizen summer 2014 resource load view

Resource Load Reports

Clarizen enterprise project management included enhancements in showing work load reports of selected users for a specific time frame. Previously, Resource load, overload and underuse reports per task are limited to either Active or Draft tasks. The latest release now includes On Hold tasks to help users understand the effect and impact of resuming these tasks on overall resource usage. These reports enable users decide which resources and activities should be prioritized to achieve specific company goals.

clarizen summer 2014 resource load report

Other Tweaks and Features

Clarizen online project management software’s latest release also includes other improvements and enhancements such as the addition of two date formats. The format YY.MM.DD and DD.MM.YYYY can be set at either the organizational level or user level defaults. Once set, all date values including in emails sent out by the software will follow the format. For more updates, visit Clarizen’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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