Clarizen Latest Web and Mobile Usability Enhancements

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clarizen logoClarizen online enterprise project management software continues to bring enhancements in its existing features to improve usability of the application. A leader in collaborative work management, the PM software always take into consideration how its users can work with the desired focus on their tasks while keeping the visibility and context of the larger effort. The latest release includes additional search options that retain project hierarchy, important columns that remain visible while scrolling, iPhone enhancements and more.

Retain Hierarchy

Clarizen as an enterprise-grade platform is an ideal planning tool for project, program and project portfolio managers. It has built-in functionality that streamlines and automates project planning. Still, multiple projects with countless tasks can be a challenge to maneuver into. In addition to search and filter function that show matches or highlight results, the latest release now has the Retain Hierarchy option to provide the overall context of a particular task in focus. With this option, it is easier to work on specific items and still relate them to the bigger grouping and higher structure of the project.

clarizen retain hierarchy result

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This result formatting option is available directly from the Work Plan gear, together with the previous two options of Show Matches Only and Highlight Results. When selected, the results in the search and filter will be items containing only the search string but including also the project hierarchy. Direct matches will have the standard coloring, while non-matching items are displayed in a lighter blue color which indicates that an item matching the search is under that project or milestone.

clarizen retain hierarchy menu

Freeze/Unfreeze Columns

Clarizen online project management software allows users to create comprehensive implementation roadmaps that can include a great number of due dates, milestones, tasks and interdependencies. Again, viewing this multitude of data can be a challenge. With the latest release, a brand new feature called Freeze columns enable users to freeze the Name column and all columns left of it. This option is available in all modules. A horizontal scrollbar allows users to view all the information at the right of the frozen column without losing sight of the important contextual information. The feature is activated by default in all modules and can be deactivated from the gear menu.

clarizen freeze columns

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iPhone v1.4 Improvements

In June, a number of mobile enhancements were introduced for the iPhone. Version 1.4 is a continuation of the effort to bring a dynamic, flexible and customizable Clarizen mobile app. The latest version allows users to add tasks within a social discussion. Users can also search for an existing task using the advanced search option or create a new task within the discussion, seamlessly bringing together project management and social collaboration.

clarizen iphone v1-4a

Furthermore, Clarizen users can also add related items such as files, work items, cases, customers and others. All these can be similarly added to a new or existing discussion post.

clarizen iphone v1-4b

Clarizen Labs

Clarizen project management software has a goal of transforming and bringing up teams and organizations to their high-performance level. They are inviting users to participate in this effort by allowing them to be part of the Clarizen Beta team in one click of a button. Clarizen Labs is a new section that enables users to preview new features as they become available. This can be activated within the System Settings. System Administrators can opt to enable beta previews and add them to the organization. For more of the latest enhancements and improvements in the latest Clarizen release, visit their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ page.

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